Monday, February 23, 2015

Goats and Snow Don't Mix

Our goats have never been fans of wet weather, 
 particularly if that wetness is in the form of snow. 
 The dogs on the other hand seem to thrive in it.
 Frosty is a bottle goat from a couple of years ago that was born during a blizzard (hence the name Frosty) The billy goat had gotten out early and bred a few nannies that kidded in February instead of April like we were wanting.  This is one of the reasons we now sell the billy goat after the nannies kid instead of trying to keep him for another year.  I hate having to get the bottle ones back into the herd, but when it works it is nice walking through them and having some you can pet.
During this cold snowy spell the goats have even resorted to eating some hay.  This is pretty unusual for them as they like to roam and browse everywhere.


50+ Horses said...

Love that smile on Frosty's face!

Rose said...

I like the look of your dogs, and also the look on Frosty's face.

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