Monday, March 9, 2015

Riding and Painting

We finally had some descent weather yesterday and J had some extra time so we went for a short ride. 
 J picked Brother to ride,
 and I was going to ride Otoelene, but she didn't have her nap out.  There is no getting her up before she is done with her nap so I had to change directions and rode Pep instead.  Pep hasn't been ridden since her last show in October but she is always the same.  She could probably go to a show tomorrow and look like always.
Wangler Can Paint
The Painting Horse
 Wangler had a big day painting yesterday, knocking out 3 awesome works of art.  V had the idea of doing a calendar with his paintings, so I decided to get some more seasonal themes in.  
We all thought this 4th of July work looked like fireworks.  J added that is was "Fireworks Over the Water".
 J said this Christmas one could be a poinsettia.
And this one could be sometime in the fall, maybe October or November.
And by the way, I am still riding Wrangler too.  He is not just a one trick pony.

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