Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More On The Painting Horse

Wrangler has several more pieces of paper in his current watercolor book so we've been working hard to use them up.
 I was having an equine vet come to do a lameness exam and x-ray his hoof to make sure he is good to go to his new home in a few weeks but she had an emergency and had to reschedule for Friday.
 This is what he's been doing while we wait.
 I'm also thinking about starting an Etsy store to sell some of his artwork.
 I'm sure as soon as I do that he'll get famous and be gone.
I think he is contemplating his next painting.


Mrs Shoes said...

Looking off into that pretty sunset for his muse, no doubt.
The greatest artists in history were mostly unrecognized until after they were gone; Wrangler has already been immortalized in the AQHA magazine so he's a step ahead of that!

Paola said...

It's amazing that he paints! I really think you should sell his work online; people will love it.

Michelle said...

I agree with Paola!

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