Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Double Trouble

With just 3 cows left to calve we ended up with a set of twins. 
I don't even know how J found this second one.  He must have just tripped over it on the way back to the house after checking the cows.  
She was very well hidden and not with the cow and other calf. 
J had already walked the cow and 1st calf to the barn.  So we loaded this one in the truck to haul her there. 
The cow checked her out then butted her and wouldn't let her nurse.  We thought for sure that we were going to end up with a bottle calf.  
But when we got home from church, there she was letting both nurse.  We are keeping her in the barn lot for a few days until the twins are strong enough to keep up good.


Alica said...

Just curious...I'd imagine it might be the same with beef cattle, but I don't know...are mixed twin heifers often free martins like dairy cows?

Crystal said...

What a pain having twins on the last cow. Will she be able to keep them both, we have too big of pastures here the one twin always gets lost somewhere accidentally

C said...

J is amazing!

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