Monday, November 20, 2017

Draper and the Pool Noodles

V was home and watching me work with Draper when she saw the pool noodles and asked if I had worked Draper with them.  I had not. 
 So what better time to try her out with something new.
 She wasn't the least bit scared by them.
 In fact, I had to get her attention away from trying to chew on them.
No big deal.  Walking through wiggly things that hit your sides and across a noisy piece of plastic, piece of cake.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Deep Fried Turkey Success

 In a bid to change up Thanksgiving, M and V brought a deep fryer here to do a Pre-Thanksgiving trial run on frying a turkey.
Armed with 4 gallons of peanut oil and a new propane tank, M had the cooking area secured.  
 Once the oil was hot enough, in went the turkey, only 3 1/2 minutes per pound.
 It smelled wonderful.
 And looked great.  It had a crispy skin and juicy inside.  I think it was much more moist than an oven baked turkey.  
 M also did a great job carving it up.   I think if you want to change up from a traditional turkey, try a deep fried one, delicious.
And the best part was J and M doing the dishes afterwards.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Great Pyrenees Are Amazing

Every time I watch these dogs I can't get over how amazing they are.  
 That's Bumble telling Jett something.  I think she is saying, "Stop, I'm in charge here.  I get to be closest to K."
 Then Jett and Jewel are deferring to Bumble.  Bea, by the way, is still on the job and not as distracted by me riding Otoelene though the goats.
What wonderful dogs.  All the ones I have seen at the clinic as pets have been amazing too.  All the owners love them.  If you are looking for a large, very hairy companion dog, check out your closest Great Pyrenees rescue.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


There is always plenty of wildlife to see back here in the sticks. 
 The other day when I was riding Otoelene, I saw this beautiful fox running through the bull lot.
Then, in the barn there was a little bird up in the rafters just having a fit.  I finally saw what was bothering him, an owl.   I would rather have an owl roosting in the barn.  One big bird is preferable to lots of little ones.  I'm guessing it is an Eastern Screech Owl.  Maybe E can ID it for me since she took ornithology last semester.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Guest Vet

My horse vet friend has been promising to come check out Hanks teeth for almost a year now.  I do her small animal stuff and she is kind enough to come look at things here that I can't figure out or don't have the equipment for.  I do not have the necessary equipment for teeth floating so that is all her. 
With a little sedation Hank was the perfect patient.  He is 22+ years old and Dr. C said there wasn't much she could do with the teeth he had left.  She filed some of the points off so maybe he will be able to eat his grain a little better now.   J was an excellent assistant, keeping Hank's  head held up. 
 Then there was Draper.  I worked with her last Monday and she was wonderful.  Then Tuesday she was lame.  I put her in the barn lot hoping some rest would help.  But it didn't so yesterday I put a poultice on her hoof hoping to draw out an abscess.
Then today, I had Dr. C give her opinion.  She couldn't find an abscess yet but also couldn't find another cause for the lameness.  So, most likely, it's an abscess that hasn't matured yet.  I guess I will give her another week and see what happens.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Working the Fall Calves and Cows

Saturday was cattle working day.
 We had 58 pairs and 9 replacement heifers to vaccinate, deworm and castrate the bull calves.
 Luckily, we had V and M to help.  V said this was M's 3rd year helping us with this chore.  He sure makes my job easier.  I no longer have to help sort or hold tails for castrating.
 J had to make sure everyone knew what to do.
 And that's M in there doing my old sorting job.
 Everything was pretty smooth until we got to the heifers.  The head gate was too wide for the first one and her shoulders went though instead of catching and closing the gate.  The problem came when her hips hit instead and now she was stuck.  We couldn't get her to go forward or backwards.  M was able to pull a toggle pin on one side to give a little more slack and then with brute force pull the other side open a tad further while I helped J push her backwards.  She got out with no harm done but put us about 15 minutes behind schedule.
 The calves were last, then we were done.
The weather was perfect.  V even said with her coveralls and long underwear on, that she was the perfect temperature.  I don't think she has ever said that before, so I took her picture to commemorate the occasion.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

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