Friday, December 2, 2016

Good Fences Solo

I haven't linked to Good Fences for a few weeks.  But this week I thought I had some good fence pictures so I was saving them for Good Fences.  Low and behold, when I went there to link up she had quit.  There was another blogger willing to take it up but her internet connection wasn't allowing her to do the link.  So anyway, here are my Good Fence pictures by myself.  
 The new little horse had passed her 2 week quarantine with flying colors so I was allowing her fence line contact with the other horses.
 You can see how excited everyone is to meet her.
 If they can't get to the front end they are checking out the back.
 It's a little overwhelming for such a little horse.
 Here is the family picture with Brother, Otoelene and "Sis"
Pep patiently waited her turn to meet the new little horse while the others were off getting a drink. And Hank is such a loner that he was never even close enough to get into a picture.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Roof Repairs

Yet another piece of tin blew up on the roof of the old barn.  
 J took the opportunity before they were calling for rain to do some repairs.   (yes, we got some rain, finally after 2 months! )
 This involved scavenging a different piece of tin, cutting the bent piece off and fitting the new into place then nailing it down.  All of this was accompanied by the appropriate language too.
 But since this was going on  on the other side of the barn J had to keep reminding me to pay attention to him and not the horses.
After the new piece was in place J went around the rest of the roof tacking down more spots.  The whole thing needs a new roof but getting anyone here to work on anything is next to impossible.  Everyone seems to want to build new stuff but no one wants to repair the old.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sunday Ride

I've had time to ride Otoelene but J hasn't been on Brother in about 3 weeks.  Sunday was so nice it would have been a shame to let it pass without a ride.
  J was a little worried about how Brother would act so he started out free lunging him in the barn.
 And surprisingly, Brother listened very well.
 After some warming up under saddle in the barn we headed out for a loop around the gravel road.
 Brother was acting great but did a silly jump at a round bale of hay so as punishment J rode him on down into the field where he had piled up a bunch of wood.
 Brother usually hates seeing cut wood and normally spooks at it but with this pile he acted more like he wanted to climb on top.
 I loped on ahead and got this beautiful view when I tuned back around.
One final training trip up a steep hill and Brother and J completed a nice Sunday afternoon ride.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Getting Better

Our new little still no name horse is getting better about being caught.  She usually comes up to me now and if trying to avoid me just walks away instead of throwing her tail over her back and taking off. 
 In the barn lot there is nothing it eat other than the grain we feed twice a day and the square bale grass hay we put out for her.  She loves her grain now but isn't too thrilled about the hay.
 So I have started turning her out some in the riding ring to graze.  There isn't much there either (or anywhere for that matter)  but it is still more than the barn lot.
She has been such a sweet heart, not really jumpy or spooky.  
She was pretty unperturbed about all of the attention she got on Thanksgiving when everyone walked to the barn to see her.  
As for a name, the breeder usually has a theme for each foal crop.  This year 2 were born on tax day so they were named Otoe's Revenue and Otoe's Income.   I'm thinking for her registered name to stick with the theme and maybe go for Otoe's Asset.  As for a barn name E is voting for Gretchen or Gretel.  I like Glitter but J said if he ended up wanting to ride her he didn't really want to be calling her Glitter.  So you can see we are still working on it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Escape Attempt

I know where there is a trampoline for sale, cheap.  And no, this is not a "Bad For Sale Picture."
Yes, E's trampoline made another escape from its pen on Sunday.  J's has continued with his refusal to touch it.  So that left me and E to try to turn it back over and corral it again.  With the help of a rope and the 4-wheeler we were successful and the trampoline surprisingly sustained very little damage (nothing permanent)  It also, miraculously, didn't damage anything else.  But really, make an offer.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bad, Bad, Bad For Sale Picture.

This one almost defies words, but I will try.
Slight moth damage, who are they trying to fool.  It looks more like a Tasmanian Devil got a hold of it than a moth did.  And that is a very unfortunate stain behind the dog that may or may not be still living.
This one is just too fun.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Late Wrangler Can Paint Update

Sister C and I attended the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival last weekend.  I was peddling my stock pile of Wrangler paintings and C had some fascinating hand painted eggs she was testing out on the public.  But the major focus was visiting sister A.  We had a great visit but a disappointing sale.
I thought my new display worked out well.
And don't tell E but I borrowed her show hat to draw some attention to the horse theme.
C's eggs were a conversation piece but this apparently was not the forum for sales.
There was a good bit a traffic all day.  I managed to place 6 paintings in new homes and a couple of people that bought paintings last year told me how much they enjoyed them.  
One irritation was when this man with his dog sat down in front of out booth blocking the entrance for 30 minutes.  There was a band across the road  so I guess he thought it was a good place to enjoy the music.
And we got a visit from Santa.  He was talking about his busy schedule and looking forward to a rest on December 25th. 
There was a man interviewing the participants and he suckered me into talking to him.  I'm at 13:20.  
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