Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #30

I know that some of you have been anxiously awaiting a new bad picture post, so much so that a coworker tagged me in a Facebook post just to show me this one. 
 I've only include about half of the pictures that they had.   I guess they were really wanting to show him off from every angle except one that was useful.

Could you count how many different people posed with him?  Looks like he loads ok.  Another cutie (the horse that is).  Hope he can find an new home.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Scarf Addiction

I guess I should clarify my addiction.  It would be a "25 cent scarf addiction".  I could completely stop buying them if they were more expensive. 
 But who could pass these up for just 25 cents each?
 Several are labeled Pashmina which is a type of cashmere.
 They had just put out a new bunch at the State Surplus store and I scored 5 new ones.
I really like how this one is reversible.  I guess when the container I'm storing them in gets full I should stop.  Otherwise my children are labeling me a hoarder.  I pretty sure there is room for a few more.  Plus, it's a very inexpensive hobby.  Maybe I could just resell a few on Ebay to make room for more.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cattle Auction And A Few Horses

V and E came to visit and V brought Mike with her so J and I took the lot out for the day to a cattle auction.  
 Cattle prices are waaaay down this year so J was interested to see how these 300 bred heifers would sell.   Last year they averaged $2185.  This year was closer to $1425.  J got a number but never used it.
 We finally got seats halfway through the auction.
 They provided a free chuck wagon lunch which was delicious.
 There was also a quarter horse herd dispersal.  There were weanlings, yearlings, two year olds, brood mares and stallions.  I don't think any of them had been handled much.  The yearlings were pretty big.
I thought I might have been able to handle one of the orphan weanlings but decided I wasn't in love with any of them so we didn't stay for the horse auction.  A pleasant afternoon to visit with people we don't see much and we didn't even spend any money.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Freak Accident

Remember the bridge that we just had repaired?  Looks like it is costing us more than we thought. 
 J went to check the cattle a few days ago and found a calf in the creek.  J thought it's foot was stuck between two rocks and it was laying down with it's head just out of the water.  He got it out and it was too cold to stand.  He came home and got me and we went back with warm electrolytes and towels.  When we got back it was drying off and warming up but still couldn't stand.  After tubing her with the fluids and drying her off more we left for lunch and came back a couple of hours later.   When she still couldn't stand I asked J what the possibility was that it had fallen off the bridge.  Well, it was laying pretty close to the bridge and it was a big enough calf that should have been still standing even if it's foot was stuck.
 My new diagnosis was traumatic spinal cord injury.
 Her left rear leg continues to cross over her right rear leg.  If she tried to walk she knuckles over on both legs then falls down.  Her front end works fine.
 If we get all her legs under her she can stand, just not walk.  I've had her on an anti inflammatory medicine for several days now and she has been sucking from the bottle well but not making very much progress.  We are probably not going to be able to keep working with a 175 pound calf that can't get up on it's own.
And it is a double shame because this was a beautiful first calf heifer she is out of.  I just bought a new bag of milk replacer so we will keep trying for now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I am trying to be better prepared for the arts and crafts show in my sister's neighborhood this year.  Last year I just sort of threw things together.  It worked out but I thought I could make it more appealing to shoppers this time.  
See that sign in the corner?  I made it to display photos of all the activities our 4-H Horse Club was doing.  Since the girls are out of 4-H and there is no longer even a club, I decided to reuse the framework for Wrangler's art. 
 I removed the cardboard and replaced it with clothes line.  That way I can arrange multiple paintings of different sizes.  I can also display paintings on both sides to attract customers coming from either direction.  I can also hang my barb wire wreaths, wooden stars  and horse shoe jewelry holders.
 Oh look!  I have my first customer.
Kit Kat will take any opportunity to be the star.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Autumn of Brother

Looks like the Summer of Brother has continued on into the Autumn of Brother.  
 Sunday, J and I took off trail riding on Horse Heaven.
 The weather couldn't have been better.
 And the leaves were just starting towards spectacular.
 Brother out did himself on behaving this time.  I don't think he even thought about flinching at anything.
Glad me and Otoelene can be along for the ride on Brother's second epic season.

Friday, October 14, 2016

This One's For E

With E off at college, Pep hasn't been getting much attention lately.  E asked me yesterday if I could at least look at her to make sure she was ok.  Well, of course I have been looking at her and she is ok.
 But today I went ahead and caught her, cleaned her up and went for a little ride.  Her mane really grew out this year without having to cut it for western pleasure.  She looks like a little reining horse now.
I rode her in the barn and outside.  She even got a little frisky outside to the point I had to hold her back.
And E, here is a little video to prove I rode her and she isn't even lame.  The last time E tried to ride her I think she was favoring 3 out of 4 feet.
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