Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Fences #4

It's time to start working the different groups of cattle and begin moving them out to their Spring pastures.  
 E was our help for the day.
 Hank cast a long shadow the morning we got the yearlings up to work.
 J counted to make sure they were all in.  Nothing worse than thinking you're done then seeing one up on the hill that wasn't with the rest of them.
 J acts like he might need some glasses to read the scale on the deworming gun.
 And E manned her position with the ear tags and vaccines.
It wasn't long before we got 23 replacement heifers worked and hauled to their new home for the next few months.
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Kid count - 42 ish.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In Bloom and Bees

Things are really blooming around here now.  
 The grape hyacinths have stated randomly coming up in the yard.
The regular hyacinths have really multiplied from the original six that I planted. 
 J was told in his bee class that if the bees make it until the dandelions bloom then they will have plenty to eat.  I guess ours have made it.
 A friend of J's from the bee class came out to check on our bees.
 Looks like we had a few wax moths under the inner cover.  Not really a problem.
But the frames in the hive were rotten and he couldn't lift them out to check on the bees.  He thought we had lots of bees and they might be getting ready to swarm.  He said we could get another hive body and he had an excluder that we could put on top of this one.  The bees would go up into the new hive then couldn't get back down.  Once they had all moved then we could take that off and put new frames in the old body.  Sounds complicated.  Looks like I'm going to have to put in a big order to Brushy Mountain Bee Farm for supplies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was walking through the bottom checking the cows Sunday when I saw someone walking through the creek.  This is an area that is way off of the road and only accessible through our property or an absentee neighbor's property.  
 When I saw this guy, I went over to get his attention but was ignored for some minutes.  When he finally acknowledged me I asked him who had given him permission to fish here. (this being our land and knowing that no one has permission)  He said, "the Linkous's gave me permission."  Well, the Linkous's land ended about 3/4 of a mile ago.  
J has had to run people off on a regular basis.  We allow the local fire department to use the creek every spring for a fishing tournament fund raiser.   Since they stock the creek for that people are always trespassing afterwards.  This guy was a little early.  The tournament isn't for another couple of weeks.
We use to let one couple fish.  They would clean and fillet the fish, vacuum package it, label it and deliver it to our freezer.   They fished until the wife became too ill to come out anymore.  They were a very nice couple and have been greatly missed.

Monday, April 14, 2014


We had our first set of live quadruplets Saturday night.  I think we had a set a few years ago, but 2 were not formed right and born dead.  Saturday evening when I was checking the goats, one was walking around bleating acting like she was getting ready to go into labor.  J checked them a little bit later and she had had 2 and he thought she might have another.  I went back later, after dark and found FOUR.  
 This was them at 12 hours old.
 They are all a good size, active and she is accepting them all.
 This evening I went ahead and marked them all so I can keep up with them and make sure they are all doing ok.
 E rode Brother Sunday for the first time ever.  I think she likes him more than she would admit.  She didn't like how far away his head is.  She is use to riding little Pep with that short neck and her head almost in your lap.
Saturday, she rode Wrangler again.  He did much better this time, maybe went a little faster than usual but at least he was going.  We also have to put up with the distraction of the baby goats running in and out of the ring since they are in the same field as our arena.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just Kit Sunday # 45

I think Kit is glad Spring is finally here.  
 He has really been enjoying all of the flowers around the yard.
 It looks like he is going for a calendar look here with the daffodils.
 And who can resist checking out the Cherry blossoms up close.

"OK, I'm done."

Kid count - 34.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Otoelene had some hoof problems last summer but I thought we were past that.  Then last weekend when I rode her I noticed she was just a little bit off.  I notices some chipping of her front hoof again at the front of the shoe but didn't think it would be any worse than last summer and that getting her shoes reset would solve the problem by trimming out the bad spots.  
 Unfortunately, the bad spot was huge.   The farrier dug it out from underneath  and then gave me a choice.
1. Pack it and put a shoe with a pad back over it.
2. Resect the hoof wall over the hollow space, put a shoe with a pad back on.  
I knew the best choice is to cut out the bad stuff but it's different when it is your own horse.  I told the farrier that it was making me sick.  He said that's pretty bad for a vet to get sick over a hoof wall resection.  I said it wasn't making me physically sick, just emotionally sick seeing it on Otoelene.  How had she not been dead lame for weeks with that underneath the hoof wall?  Maybe this will allow it to grow out faster.  Guess I will have to step up the painting lessons if I'm not going to be able to ride for awhile.  Very depressing.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures # 16

STRAWBERRY is an 8yr strawberry roan twh mare. Lots of gas! Smooth and fun. Not a beginners horse. Loves to play in water 
 This ad and series of pictures was on a facebook Horses for Sale page.  
 Some things are better left unsaid in a sale ad.   
  And some things are better left un-photographed for a sale ad.
I guess if you can't describe the horse well or take a decent picture of it, you can always try to confuse your prospective buyers by substituting a picture of  My Little Pony.
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