Thursday, October 8, 2015

Honey Harvest

Well, J donned his new bee suit, 
 and headed for the bee hive.
 He cracked the lid,
 smoked the bees,
 and started removing the frames of honey.
 There are 10 frames in a super and toward the end the bees were a little more reluctant to leave the frames.
After shaking and brushing the bees off, J moved the frames one by one to another super that we then carried to the house.
We had added a second hive body earlier this year.  This will be the first winter with 2 hive bodies instead of one.   Hopefully next year we will be able to put more supers on and get more honey.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #26

Since it has been awhile since I last posted any bad pictures I thought I might give you a 2 fer.
These at least look like recent pictures because the cockleburs are in season.
Not sure why it was necessary to post two from the same angle.
Then there was this fellow, behind the barbwire,
then no barbwire.  But sadly still cockleburs and not that unusual of an angle.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amazing Finds

I had my annual required 16 hours of  continuing education this weekend and as a bonus was able to visit with my sister C at her house with sister L going along for the ride.  Our second evening after my class was spent hitting all of the local Goodwills and thrift stores we could make it to before closing.  I scored some awesome finds.  (a few that may not be made known until Christmas however)
 First up is this super cool poster advertising the 1992 Carolina Cup Races.  It measures 20"x26", is professionally framed and I got for a shocking $5.
Next was this fabulous jacket.  The picture doesn't do justice for how it fits and looks in person.
 I even found a picture with the original price of $195.  C said it looked sort of blingy but when I put it on she said "wow, that really looks good on you."  Thank you L for finding it and showing it to me.  Now I just need a special event to wear it to.  J said I could be a country music singer...if only I could sing.  Oh, and my price....$4.50.   
And lastly, who expects to find an opthalmascope/otoscope at Goodwill?  And for $15?  This is a $200-$400 piece of equipment.  Now I can play a real doctor at home as well as at work. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good Fences #80

It started raining here on Friday and has rained every day since. 
 Our rain gauge holds 5 inches and has already been emptied once.
The forecast is for another 5 inches this weekend.  At least we didn't get 5 inches in one day like  they did just 1 hour north of here.
Stay dry out there and for more Good Fences click HERE.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sale Pending

I had a very nice, 64 year old retired lady look at Wrangler last week.  She trail rides and use to do endurance.  She loved Wrangler and if he passes her vet's Vet Check she wants him.  Of course nothing is ever simple here.  He has an abscess from where I let his feet get too long while on vacation then the farrier was overbooked and a shoe lost.  He is sound with bute but just slightly off without it.  No way he would pass a vet check yet.  I've got a call into the farrier to see about resetting his shoes; it's been 5 weeks.   It is so frustrating to have a horse totally sound for 2 years then get a buyer only to have an abscess.  He has been the only one of my 7 here not to have had one until now.  It's a rough place.
 So Wrangler is in the rockless lot, waiting.  And what better way to pass the time than to do a little more painting.
Unfortunately, the 4-H silent auction was so crowded that I think his artwork was overlooked or not understood.  It only brought $9.  Wish I had been up there at the end to have bought it back myself.   Fingers crossed we can get him sound so he can go to a home where he can be ridden and enjoyed.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Too Toxic

 I have a spot where I throw yard and garden waste over the fence.  It's behind some trees and bushes so not visible from the house or yard.
 This is in the horse field but the goats are in and out all the time as well as cattle on occasion.
The vines are dead now, but you can see the remains of a gourd type vine.  
This is what I was able to harvest from the trash pile.  J's comment was, 'that must be pretty toxic if 3 species of livestock and all the wildlife refused to eat it."  Note that he said nothing about what a pretty arrangement it made.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spica Splint

Let me start by saying goats are not as sure footed as you might imagine.  Not for the first time did J find a goat in the dog pen in the barn when there was no goat there the night before.  
The wall Kit Kat is sitting on is ground level outside but six feet high inside.  
Bottle goat Squeeky Jr. was inside the pen this morning with a dangling leg.  I didn't radiograph it but could palpate a fracture of her right femur.  This kind of fracture is too high to cast and I'm not sure what my boss would say to me bringing in a goat to a small animal clinic for orthopedic surgery.  So I fashioned a type of spica splint from rolled newspaper a coat hanger and duct tape.  It's going to be tricky keeping everything in place and clean but she was already setting her foot down.  Here's hoping she heals quickly.
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