Sunday, March 18, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #132

The snow is gone (for the time being).  And Kit Kat wanted to show off some Spring flowers. 

These are some cute miniature Daffodils that I got from my boss at Easter last year.  So glad they came back.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Coupon Saturday #2

I have a busy week of couponing to review today. 
 First, Eddie Bauer emailed me a $15 coupon.  Since it was about to expire and I wasn't going to be near a store any time soon, I just went to the web site and found something I could get where the $15 would cover the purchase price and the shipping.  So, I got a nice pair of hiking socks for FREE.
 E let me make a Dollar General account with her phone number, so I got to repeat some digital coupon scenarios.
Unstoppables @4 x 2  = 8    -4  bogo paper q
Febreeze @ 3 x 2        = 6    - 3 digital                 
                                             - 2 instant savings
Kleenex                       = 1    - .75 digital
Dawn @ 1 x 2             = 2    - 2 paper q
                                             - 3 off 15 survey q                                                                                                                           = $2.25 plus tax oop (out of pocket)
 Febreeze @ 3 x 4   = 12 - 3 bogo paper q
                                         -3 off 2 digital q
                                         - 2 instant savings off $10
Jergens                    = 3.5 - 3 paper q
Dawn @ 1 x 2        =  2   - 2 paper q
                                         - 3 off 15
                               =  $1.5 plus tax oop
 Then a trip to dollar tree and walmart $0.85 plus tax oop
 Back to Dollar General
Swiffer Duster            = 4.50  - 3 digital q
Swiffer multi surface  = 3.75  -2  digital q
Kleenex                      = 1       - .75 digital q
Frucis @2.10 x 3       = 6.30   -2 x 3 paper q for 6 total (were on clearance normally 3.50 but 40% off)
                                               - 3 off 15
                                 =  $0.80 plus tax oop
 Swiffer    = 4.50   - 3 Digital q
 Fructis    = 6.30    - 6  (3 $2 paper q's)
Kleenex   = 1        - .75 digital
Dial 6 bar = 2.75  -2.75  paper q for buy 6 bar get 2 bar free but when scanned big first it takes off                                             the larger amount.
Dial 2 bar = 1
                             - $3 off 15
                =  $0.05 plus tax
Then the same Axe deal with more Fructis
Axe @4  x5              = 20     - 6 instant - 10 (5 $2 q's)
fructis @ 2.10 x 6  = 12.6  - 12 (6 $2 q's)
                                           - 3 off 15
                              = $1.60 plus tax
total retail      = 118.60
total spent      = $7.05 
Total savings = $111.55

Friday, March 16, 2018

Good Bea Update

Bea lingered in the dog pen in the barn for a week.  She would eat and drink but that was it.  No extra movement, no recognition or response to us.  Then on Sunday she made a happy whining sound when I visited her.  That was the first positive sign in a week.   
 Then on Monday when I went down to feed her she was much more active and happy.  And the goats and other dogs were passing by the barn. 
 Did I mention that it snowed on Monday.  I was actually trying to update the blog when my internet went out.  They said it was my modem so I had to wait on a new one.  Apparently, it is my router and not the modem.  Oh well, at least I have my desktop, using the Ipad will have to wait longer.  Anyway, I thought this looked like Jett and Jewel were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.
 It was a very pretty snow, sticking to the trees.

 Then I turned Bea out.  The puppies and Bumble were very happy to see her. 
 There was a lot of getting reacquainted.
 And Bea even took off running. 
 That is Bumble, Jett, Bea, Jewel (from left to right)
It is so nice for her to be back with the pack.  Three more weeks of antibiotics and hopefully we will be done. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Just Kit Sunday #131

Kit's winter schedule has been sleep all day, out all night, so photo sessions have been limited.  But yesterday he was out and I had my camera and he was cooperative.  I love his expression changes. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Coupon Saturday

I thought I might confine my coupon posts to one day a week.  I may have officially crossed over to crazy couponer.  But I am drawing the line and buying coupons.  Apparently, there are "coupon fairies"  that sell coupons.  It looks like big business.  Anyway, not going there or dumpster diving for inserts either.  But I did ask my mother to save hers for me.  I was asked to give more detail so here goes, this first one is easy.
 5 Axe shampoos @ 4 = 20
 1 kleenex             @1 =   1
 total                           =  21  there is instant savings on Axe $3 for each $10 spent
minus  6                      = 15  then there is a $3 off  $15 from dollar general for doing a survey
minus 3                       =12   then there are Axe internet printable coupons for $2 off each
minus 10                    =  2    then there is a Dollar General digital coupon that attached to the kleenex
minus 0.75                 = 1.25 plus tax.
4 All and Sunggle @ 3.95  = 15.80
bic  @2.85                          = 18.65
jergens @3.50                    = 22.15   All and Snuggle were on sale 2 for $6 and instant savings of 5 off
                                                           15.  These came off at the same time as well as the 3 off 15                                                                     survey
so - 3.8 -5 -3                        = 10.35    $3 coupon for bic and $3 coupon for Jergens and $1 each on                                                                   All and Snuggle
so - 3 -3 -4                         =0.35 plus tax
2 Unstoppables @4     =8
2 Febreeze @3            =6
1 Garnier    @3           =3
coast @1                     =1
Finish @ 1                  =1
total                            =19          2 off 10 instant savings on Febreeze products
-2                                =17          3 off 15 survey
-3                                =14          1 bogo unstoppable and 1 bogo febreeze and 1 $2 off Garnier and 1                                                       $1 off coast (there was a trick to the bogo, had to scan 2 products                                                            then coupon then repeat or else it wouldn't take both coupons)
-4 -3 -2 -1                  = 4 plus tax    I had a digital for $0.75 off Finish but it didn't attach, I thought                                                              about returning it but decided it was the cost of learning.
I was very proud of this one.  I finally found the right toothpaste at an out of town Dollar General that I stopped at on my way back from an appointment.
3 Gain fabric softens @3 = 9
2 Garnier @ 3                  =6
2 colgate @ 1                  =2
total                                =17     coupons, Gain $5 off purchase of 3 items, Garneir $2 off each,                                                              Colgate $2 off each  (see why I was excited about the toothpaste) and                                                    $3 off $15 survey
-5 -4 -4 -3                       = 1 plus tax
Then I had signed up at Bath and Body Works for their emails, and got a free lotion, $5.50 value.  I managed to go in and out of the store without getting anything else. 
Not a bad week for spending $6.60.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Poor Bea

J said Bea was acting funny a few days ago.   She was running away from him when he went to feed the dogs and acted scared.  I looked for her for the next two days and couldn't find her.  We finally found her on the third day, across the creek, by herself.  She wouldn't get up or respond to us calling. 
 So, we went back to the house, got the truck, drove around through town to get the the field on the other side of the creek.  I couldn't really find anything wrong other than she just didn't want to do anything. 
 I took her to the clinic and ran some bloodwork, pretty normal.  I xrayed her chest and abdomen, pretty normal.  I gave her barium, a dye to swallow, then xrayed her the next day.  Everything was moving through normal.  She was just depressed and didn't want to move.  I tested her for lyme disease and it was positive.  She had no fever and no lameness which are the usual signs we see in dogs.   But because it was the only thing I found we brought her home and put her on Doxycycline to threat the lyme Disease. 
 When we took her to the clinic, J hauled her in the livestock trailer.  But when we brought her home, we were in the small truck.  So, I borrowed the biggest crate at the clinic and we stuffed her in. 
She moved around and looked a little better than this on the way home.  She is now in the dog pen in the barn getting special food and attention.  Today was the 4th day of treatment and I think she seems to be improving.  It is so frustrating when they can't tell you what is wrong.  Sometimes we just have to guess and hope for the best. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Overflow Problems

J came to the house earlier this week and said the water tank in the bull lot was stopped up.  I said I would go work on it while he finished feeding.  With the overflow blocked, the extra water was just spilling over the side adding to the mud issue.  
 Looks like the guard over the overflow was pulled off and something, maybe algae,  plugged it up. 
 Enter, the snake.  The blockage wasn't very far down, and soon the water was running out like it was suppose to.
 The water level quickly dropped. 
 I guess the attention I was paying to the tank made the bulls interested to see what was going on. 
The overflow pipe leads to another tank that the cows were drinking from.  Since it hadn't been blocked long, there was no issue with the amount of water the cows had.  All in a days work. 
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