Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Goat Update

The bottle goats are almost ready to wean.
 They are still getting fed a bottle twice a day but only 1/2 as much at a time.
 They hang out with the other goats as long as they are around the barn but don't venture off when the rest head out for the day.
 Walking to the barn and back is getting to be a daily challenge.
 And getting in the barn with 13 goats throwing themselves at you is about impossible.
Most of them are now eating grain so when we finish this bag of milk replacer that is it.  No More.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good Fences #62

On a farm a lost horse shoe can be an inconvenience for the horse and rider.   But depending on how it is found could be murder on farm equipment. 
So any shoe found is picked up and set out of the way.

For more Good Fences click HERE.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Equipment

We have never had a riding lawn mower before.  Well, technically that is not completly true.  Several years ago, when my mother started using a lawn care service, she gave us her old John Deere.  But the first time I used it, the axle broke only 15 feet from where I started mowing, unfixable.  So J has always used a push mower, until now. 
 We are finally living it up and bought our first riding mower last month.
 And it came with this box,
 which I turned into this cart one afternoon.  Now I have gone from no cart to two carts this year.  This one is not as heavy duty as the other one.  It will probably just stay around the yard.   But now the mowing opportunities are endless.  Of course we are using it on the yard.
This was the result of the tree punning I did after I mowed the yard with it for the first time.  Amazing how much easier it it to find low hanging branches when you are on a riding mower. 
 Today I ventured to the riding ring with the mower.  Just a suggestion, you might want to check the gas before going on a long trip.  Anyway, J had already taken the bush hog around the arena a few days ago but couldn't get close to the edges.  And trying to ride with that tempting grass at horse mouth level can be frustrating.  Plus, the grass elsewhere was still pretty tall.
Now it is almost like a yard.  A couple of more mowings and maybe we can eliminate the hay look.
I can also see my poles now, well sort of.  But the horses can see them to trot over instead of trip over.  There's no stopping us now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wrangler Can Paint First Sale

Wrangler donated a framed painting for a silent auction to benefit the Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Georgia. 
 After a lot of interest and competitive bidding the painting "Koi Pond'  brought $65.
 Wrangler has now started on his second watercolor series.  This will be on smaller paper 9x12.  His previous series was 11x15.
Now we have to pick another painting out for the Friends of the RR Library Silent Auction.
We are also building up a portfolio for our local horse club's 3 day Horse Fest at the end of June.  I think I will try to set up a booth to sell his paintings.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

E's High School Graduation

We have had a lot of graduating going on around here.  E had an award ceremony last week along with her graduation from Governor's School and her regular graduation Friday.
 She received from Governor's School the
                           -Anatomy and Physiology Academic Achievement Award
                           -ALEKS Course Completion Award
                           -Governor's Recognition for completion of the Early College Scholars Program
                           -$500 Quadrant EPP USA, Inc. Scholarship.
From her regular school she got the
                           -Valedictorian of the Class of 2015
                           -Outstanding Performance in Accelerated Government
                           -Certificate for All Around MACC Team and Social Studies MACC Team
                           -$1000 VFW Post 4667 Scholarship
                           -$1000 Cliff Dicker Memorial Scholarship
                           -$200 History Award
                 and last but not least
                           -Certificate for Exceptional Attendance  (not really sure how she got that one, she missed a lot of school for horse judging and showing)
 As Valedictorian she had to give a speech which she tormented over for 2 months, finally finishing it the morning of graduation.
I thought she did and excellent job.
Thanks to all our family and friends that helped us celebrate 2 graduations in the last 7 days!
And what's a blog post without a horse picture.  She also won the AQHA Farm & Ranch Heritage Scholarship .  And $250 from the Arabian Horse Association for High Team at their youth judging contest last fall.
Yay, the horses are finally paying off. (or maybe breaking even, or just not losing as much)  I guess I'm done bragging for not but I'm just so proud of my girls.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Please, Always Use A Pet Carrier

I had a client come barreling into the parking lot at 11:45 (morning office hours are until 12:00) and park longways across 4 parking spots, then get out of her car carrying a cat in her arms.  She told the receptionist that she would have been there sooner but she had been in court all morning.  I'm not sure why she wanted to be there sooner because she had no appointment to start with.  The cat was draped across her neck when I entered the exam room.  When she finally got it detached I was able to examine it.  It had a very mild runny nose and had been sneezing some.  After discussing treatment options and getting her medicine she draped the cat across her neck again and started to leave the room  The cat jumped off and she commented, "I wondered when you would do that."  The last I saw her she was retrieving her cat to go check out.   About 30 minutes later she called to ask if she had left her cat at the clinic.  She got home and couldn't find it.  Then she asked if a cat would jump out of a window of a moving car.  She called a little while later to say she found her cat,  wait for it....
Bonus Kit Kat Picture

in the glove box.

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Fences #61

 Not much any prettier than peonies next to a fence. 

The smell is heavenly.

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