Friday, September 19, 2014

Trail Cam 2

J set the trail cam up at the other end of the farm this time.  I keep hoping to see something more exciting than deer. 
 But we got some pretty good deer shots.
 The time one these was 8 am so I'm not sure why the flash.
J is going to have to learn to turn the camera off when he brings it to the house.  I got 56 pictures of sky and tree tops.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good Fences #26

Last week Kit Kat and Pep were in the lime light.  So this week I thought I would let the goats have their turn.  
 While we were out of town at the horse show J had the goats penned up in the only field they have trouble getting out of.  We always worry about them getting out on the road or in the neighbor's yard.  Now we are back we let them out to roam again.
100 + goats can do a lot of roaming.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

State Show Day 2 - Conclusion

Day 2 started out wet and drizzly.  E's first class of Western Pleasure 2nd Go was to start at 8:45 in the indoor.  When we went there to warm up, Pep was off.  She started out racing but settled down and was going at a reasonable pace.  But now what to do about being off.  I didn't think there was enough time to reset her shoe and I had seen horses win being more lame than what she was doing.  So I gave her some Bute and hoped for the best.  
 E had a good position going into the class.  They entered at the jog and she passed the slow POA and then had the ring to herself as everyone else jogged in.
 Then something happened that I have never seen at this show.  The judged stopped the class and dismissed E and the 1st place horse from the day before for being lame.  One lap around was all she made.  So with only a 4th and a DQ she wouldn't qualify for the Classic which she had been in every year that she has shown Pep.  We went straight to the farrier and had the shoe reset.  But this time he said he really didn't see anything wrong with it.  She did trot off a little better after but we still had 2 more classes to do.  While E and I were taking care of Pep J stayed and watched her class.  He said all h#$* broke loose after we left.  Horses were running off, bucking, breaking, picking up wrong leads, you name it.  In the end, the judge only placed 6 of the remaining 8 horses giving 6th to the POA that was slow and calm.  The 2nd place horse from the day before won so that made her Champion.  The really frustrating thing was I went and watched another class were there was a lame horse (rear leg lameness)  and he placed that one.   Just a little consistency, that is all I'm asking.
Next, was E's go at the trail final.  Instead of pictures I just filmed the whole thing.  
 There were some problems but we were hopeful for a ribbon. (the cantering was suppose to go over all 5 poles).  But the results would have to wait 4 hours.
 Meanwhile, E had her horsemanship class which was another pattern with a counter canter.  This time she got it but Pep had to poop in the middle of the pattern after the pivot so she was slow taking back off at the canter on the correct lead.  There was a big extended trotting circle in which Pep was totally sound.  She ended up 5th.  Only the top 3 go back for the Classic, so another missed class.  Once again, the other horse was DQ'ed for being lame.
E did pose for a picture with Pep.  I have much fewer this year because I was expecting more classes.  This was before the trail results.  She ended up 10th in trail out of 46 (17 made the finals).  We stayed and watched the Classic and the same horse was dismissed for being lame again.  The POA ended up 2nd this time and the Champion that E has always place above was 6th.  You just never know one time to the next what will happen, what the judge will like or how your horse will do.  That's why we have to keep trying. (or in J's case just go to Endurance Riding where none of that other stuff matters)
On a high note, the other girl from out county won Sr. Barrels with the fastest time (17.1)  for all divisions so she won a trophy for that too.
I guess we have one more year of eligibility for 4-H so maybe next year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

State Show Day 1

Well, actually day 1 and 2 but the first day is just getting there.
 E went to morning classes then came home and we loaded everything up and took off for Lexington.
 Spirits are always high in anticipation of great things.
 And E worked very hard getting Pep conditioned and fitted for this show.
 Once we got the the show grounds E saddled up to ride.  I was suspicious of Pep's shoe being a problem so I asked the farrier there what he thought.  He said it looked like her shoe was very slightly sprung (bent) and he could reset it if we wanted.  Pep's feet always seem so sensitive and I was a little leery of having someone I didn't know work on her. When E rode her she looked perfectly sound so we just when with the shoe like it was.  Then it was time for a bath and banding her mane.  Her first class the next morning was in the coliseum so she led Pep around in there before bed time.
 Pep transformed into a first rate show pony and E had a good Showmanship pattern but with a few bobbles.  J and mama were watching from the stands in the upper left corner of the picture.
 She is #372 and her score put her in 8th place at the time.  But we slowly watched as her hopes for a ribbon were whittled away.
 Aunt L hung out with us as we waited.
 In the end E was 1/2 point out of 10th place so no ribbon but she was called back into the ring for the awards and was called out for her 11th place reserve out of 69.  I believe this is the highest she has managed in showmanship here.
We then moved on to Western Pleasure Large Pony Sr. Riders.  It was the best class of ponies she has ever shown against.  Pep looked great but E got into a cluster and instead of just passing circled which is a big no no in western pleasure.  
 The placings were a shock to us.  There was a POA that is in the top 10 in the nation that we expected to win but it placed 5th.  E was 4th and the 2nd place pony was one that she has always beat and had routinely been in the middle of the class.  The 2nd go with a different judge is the next day and the top 5 go to the classic.
 But in the meantime, there is the trail preliminary.   E and Pep handily opened and closed the rope gate.
And expertly backed through the poles.  Then the judge went over to her and told E something I couldn't hear.  When the judge got back over to my side I asked if whatever she told E would eliminate her from the finals.   She said no, she was just telling her she needed to switch the ends of her reins to the other side when she switched hands to open the gate.  But we would have to wait to see if she made the call back list.  
 Then E's last class of the day was Working Western which is a pattern class.  Once again. disappointment reigned as E had a great pattern until the last maneuver where she missed the counter canter lead.   After the class I checked on the trail finals and was shocked to see she wasn't on the list.  I couldn't believe it and really didn't want to tell E after all of the disappointments of the day.  I asked in the show office if they had the scores but they said it was just pass/fail.  So I went in search of the trail judge and found her setting up the trail class practice course for that night.  I started helping her carry poles then asked about the judging of the class.  I explained E's run and didn't understand why she was cut.  The judge was very understanding and said she had the scores and would check.  When she came back she said E's score had been overlooked, she had a high score and was in.  What a relief!  At least there was a little good news to go on for the next day.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just Kit Sunday #62

Since Kit is such a perfect cat we want to make sure nothing happens to him while we are gone.
 So he got locked up and loaded and sent to the clinic for the weekend.
"How could you do this to me?"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good Fences #25

It is my contention that the best fence pictures include a horse.  (There's a fence back there, see the posts?)
 Or in the absence of a horse you might could get by substituting a cat. 
E is working hard getting Pep ready for the State 4-H Horse Show this weekend.  We had a little scare Tuesday when Pep looked slightly off at the jog.  But yesterday and this morning she looks ok.  So we leave after lunch for the big show.  Pep will transform from the wild pony look to the sleek show horse in a matter of hours.  Check back Monday for the results.

And Kit, well he needs no transformation.  He is perfect as is.  (Bonus Kit Kat picture since I missed Just Kit Sunday this week)

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Spare

Our fall cows have started calving and one had a set of twins today.   J said she barely raised one last year so he didn't want to risk leaving her with the twins.  So this evening he took one away and brought it to the house.  
 So that means twice a day to the barn with a bottle.
 She nursed the cow some but we still gave her some Colostrix (store bought colostrum) for this first feeding.
Her twin was a bull calf so doesn't look like we would be able to keep her for a heifer so I better not get too attached.  But she is a pretty thing.  Looks like we have a spare in case someone loses a calf.
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