Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wrangler's Art Gallery

I was out of Kit Kat pictures today and it was too cold this morning to go chase him around for a new one so I decided to substitute Wrangler's latest artwork for Kit Kat Sunday. 
I think this is his best work yet.
But I was injured in the process.  He broke another paint brush handle and bit my finger while he was grabbing the brush.  What I go through for a temperamental artist.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me

This was suppose to be a happy, jubilant post about home improvement.
 I had been wanting this product for a couple of years now.  I finally ordered it and it came this week. (I got 2, one for each downstairs bathroom).  I thought I would start in my bathroom first so I would have my technique perfected for the guest bath.
 It was to hid this unsightly plunger and toilet brush.  I had planed and planed, reading reviews and watching youtube installation videos.  I was so ready.  I measured and remeasured.  I picked the perfect wall, no outlets, nothing on the other side of the wall but a short hall, all the plumbing should be behind the toilet..
 Look how excited I was to even take a picture of the product when I took it out of the box.  Then I cut the opening...
Now I'm just depressed.  I have a massive hole in the drywall to fix, no where else in the bathroom suitable for it (not like I want to cut another gaping hole in my walls), and I will probably have to repaint the entire room, FOR NOTHING!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good Fences #44

Beautiful blue sky, trees and a fence, 
 as seen on my latest ride 
with Otoelene. 
For more Good Fences click HERE

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #24

I guess their camera was unable to get the whole horse in the picture in 4 tries.  And surprisingly, no where in the ad did it list that the saddle was included.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeding and Painting and Happy 100!

The calves are starting to get the hang of eating grain. 
 They all haven't started coming when J pours it out so he has been having to walk around the entire field, hills and hollers and all, to round them up every morning.
 He has had to treat a couple more for respiratory problems but so far hasn't had to retreat any.
 Emma is making friends as usual.
And Wrangler has completed another painting.  This one is his first on actual watercolor paper.  I've had a couple of interested callers (he is for sale) so I thought I better get a stockpile of art work just in case someone actually buys him.

And welcome to Desert Survivor for being my 100th follower.  It only took 7 years, but who's counting?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just Kit Sunday # 78

Please excuse the poor focus, but these expressions were just too good to not use.  Can you tell Kit was wanting in?
 "Please, please, please,  let me in."
 "You better be opening that door if you know what's good for you."
'OK, really? Enough with the pictures and open the door."

Friday, January 16, 2015

Rounding Up and Sorting

Today we rounded up our weaned calves to sort out the replacement heifers and hold back some of the smaller steers and heifers.  There were also a few that we needed to treat for a respiratory bug that is going through the group we moved in. 
 It seemed to go pretty smoothly to start with.
 And the weather was cooperating, blue skies and somewhat mild temperatures.
 There was only one problem.  J couldn't find one of the ones he knew needed to be treated.
 So another trip out to the field yielded 2 more.
 We marked their faces so it will be easier for J to keep a check on them when he's feeding.
Then the heifers got turned out to be on pasture and hay for the winter while the steers and cull heifers will get started on grain in preparation for their trip out west.
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