Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dr. Pimple Popper, Veterinarian Edition

I know several of you have watched the show, Dr. Pimple Popper.  For those of you that haven't, the name is pretty self explanatory.   Well, J brought me a patient for a veterinary version of the show. 
 This is a 600 pound bull calf that developed a swelling on his right hip that was getting bigger and bigger.  Once the cattle got rotated to a field closer to the barn, J sorted him and his mother out to the barn lot.  It is so nice that he does all the prep work and I just have to show up with the equipment.  First, I clipped the hair.  It is best to have that all out of the way.
 That's a nice size pimple, or abscess as we like to refer to them in the medical world.
 A little prep of the skin with some betadine and then lanced.  I like to make an X for the opening.  It is less likely to seal up too quickly then.
 That is all the pus that came out.  Makes me think of a song we sang when we were little,
"Cans and cans of greasy grimy gopher guts,
mutilated monkey meat,
little dirty birdy feet,
tons and tons of all purpose porpoise pus,
that's what the school feeds us."
(I don't know why our parents didn't put a stop to us singing that in the car.)
Then we are left with a deflated balloon.  I flushed it well with dilute betadine and sprayed the area with fly spray.  Who's ready for the video?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Coupon Saturday #17

There was a surprise $2 off $10 at Dollar General this week.  I only have 2 accounts so only 2 transactions.  I tried to get E to make an account for grandma that I could use but her response was, "you don't need anymore stuff."
 Well, yes I do.  I needed a dustpan and Mr. Clean paided me to take it out of the store. 
 Anytime you get toilet paper for 1/2 off is good.
 And the Mr. Clean coupon also worked on the Dawn brush, so 60 cents profit there. 
And I have an update on my Walmart issue from last week.  I emailed the customer service about my complaint (cashier not scanning coupon for more than the price) and I got a message back saying if I come in they will give me a $10 gift card and make sure all of the employees understand the store coupon policy. Score one for the squeaky wheel. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Calm Before The Storm

With hurricane Florence on the horizon, my sister and I went to help get our mother out of harm's way.  She was sitting in the direct path of the predicted eye landfall.  
 The ocean didn't have a hint of things to come. 
 But with possible 80 foot waves, I'm not sure the house will be here next week.
 The beach was pretty much deserted. C and I went for a short walk and I found some faces to express our thoughts.
 A hurricane is coming, "Oh noooo!"
 Such a sad day.
 Maybe it won't be as bad as they say and everything will be fine.
 Guess we will have to wait and see. 
 Just a pretty bird picture.
Hope there is a house to come back to. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

If Blue Is The New Black Then Why Is It Purple

I was looking for some black paint to use on a new yard art project (more on that when I finish it).  So, I headed to Lowe's to check out their clearance paint rack. 
I found this can that said, "New Black" on the label and the sample looked black. It was $8 off original price and was a primer/paint in one.  I thought it was going to be a score. 
 Then I painted with it and I am going with blue not black.

 The paint brush handle is black, at best the color could be a blue/gray but definitely not black.  I might just have to just it as a primer and search more for maybe an Old Black.
 Then I thought I would try out this Blu-Kote on Otoelene's hooves.  Another blogger is using it on her horse's cracked hooves with great success.
 Otoelene's feet have been worse, but I don't ever want to go there again.  I would really like for the hoof wall to stop flaking off below the nails.  And what color do you think Blu-Kote is?
 That looks purple to me.
So the experiment begins.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Coupon Saturday #16

I have been talking myself out of couponing for awhile now, but there were some diapers on clearance at Walmart that I couldn't pass up.  I am sure some of you may be wondering why I want diapers.  Well, they make great hoof bandages for abscesses.  
Old picture for illustration only.  No current abscesses, knock on wood.
And I am sure you know I have plenty of those.  
 And the great thing was, everything had a coupon.  I first went Thursday, handed over my coupons and the cashier said, "I can't take those, they are for more than the item."  I tried to explain that it was fine, I had done it before, friends had done it before, it should work.  But she wouldn't budge.  So I walked out with nothing.  I tried again yesterday.  This time I had a copy of Walmart's coupon policy in hand that stated,

  • "The coupon value will be applied to the price of an item allowing any overage to be applied to the transaction total."
And also, this time I picked an express line that was long and with a young cashier.  She scanned everything without question.  Then, when she got to the total, she said, "Wow, I need to do this."  The diapers have a regular price of $9, and the kleenex was on clearance down from $4.44.  I think I got my 86 cents worth.

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Little Ponying

Draper has started to test her boundaries while riding.  So far I have managed to get her over her little spells, but it is always a little scary.  Sometimes she stops and stubs up, then starts backing up then rearing a little.  I have had to get off, lunge her, then get back on to continue where we were going.  The rearing is really troubling to me because she does it when I am not putting any pressure on the reins, just asking for forward.  So today I decided that Otoelene could teach her a thing or two. 
 But first, I thought I might start working Otoelene on thinking about jumping.  I figure if Brother is doing it, she should be able to also.  She already trots and canters over ground poles so this was just a refresher today.  Tomorrow I think I will add a cross pole jump. 
 Draper hung out in the barn while I rode Otoelene, then I untied her and took off after a little directing by Otoelene to keep Draper in her place.  It is impossible to take a picture of yourself doing this, so this was the best I could do. 
 We went up and down some steep places and across a small creek. 
 When I got to the cattle I realized that I had dropped my camera somewhere so I had to backtrack.  J had just turned the cattle into this field and the grass is 1 1/2 feet tall and lopped over.   I thought my camera was gone for good but as you can see I did find it.   Draper was calm around the cattle.  Hopefully, Otoelene's manners are rubbing off. 
 We headed back to the barn after a successful outing. 
Love my two blonds. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Short Local Hike

E was home for the weekend and since she doesn't care for trail riding (really, unbelievable right), so we went on a hike instead.  
 This was a short 1 1/2 mile up and back trail.
 But the view was wonderful, overlooking the town.
 It was overcast and thundering the whole time.
 We could even see it raining in one direction.  Amazingly, we didn't get wet.
  Since there were limited flowers,  I took mushroom pictures.
 E pointed out some mushrooms.

 She said this was an edible one called black trumpet.

Very nice short hike.
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