Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sweetwater, Getting Ready

After several calls to the Mustang Foundation, I finally have approval for a Thursday morning arrival.
I've been very busy trying to get Sweetwater and all of her stuff ready.  Her freeze brand had to be clipped. She was great with the clippers.  Her tail needed combing again, and again.  I've bathed her 3 times and she rolls as soon as I let her loose.  I will have to say she is excellent to bathe.  She just ground ties and doesn't move a step.  Over the last couple of weeks she has not shown any aggression.  No charging or head tossing at me.  I am also getting some stall decorations prepared.

I'm going to be using the above ones to show her training process.
And these before and afters will go on her stall sign.  I did find out there is another one named Sweetwater. But apparently the other one was a dream to work with and the guy is roping off of her so no confusion there.
J pulled the trailer out Monday and I've been practicing loading and unloading.  She is doing it very calmly - at home anyway.  I decided to just take her on the stock trailer and have her loose in the front half the same way she came here.  I have revamped my goals for this project several times and now I am down to
1- Don't get hurt
2- Don't let horse get hurt.
3- Don't hurt anyone else.
These goals will not get revamped.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun Times At the West Virginia State Fair

Every since we moved back from WV 23 years ago, J has been talking about going back to the WV State Fair.  A few years ago he did go back with V and E but I didn't go. 
Well, this year we made it back. 
And of course we started out in the cattle barn.
I thought this sign in the bunny tent was hilarious!
And as proof this was a business trip here is J telling V and E about this chute system that is made in Thedford, NE. 
V found some decorative items that she liked and thought I might make for her. 
We were entertained by the Rhinestone Roper. 
He even did horse tricks. 
And his finally was just like an act on America's Got Talent.  Then after being spun around and having knives thrown at her, his wife shot a gun and hit a balloon tossed in the air.  Their 14 year old daughter was also in the act.  E's comment to that was, "That would be my worst nightmare.  Glad our family isn't in the entertainment business."
I enjoyed the walk through the heritage garden.  I have a lot of the flowers and shrubs that they were displaying. 
This was my favorite quilt in the craft show.  Love the colors and squares. 
We even found some shark teeth at one of the shops.
We skipped the midway but a successful trip to the state fair.  And J didn't even buy any new equipment. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cattle Gathering 101

Today J had us scheduled to work our calves that will be heading out to the feedlot next month.  But the first order of business is to get them all up.  
These Hereford crossed steers that J purchased last month were pretty easy.   Their feed troughs are just out from the barn lot so all that I had to do was hide while J towed them in with a bag of feed.
The next group wasn't much harder, just further away.   J has been feeding them by hauling the feed sacks on the 4-wheeler so they usually come when the 4-wheeler is driven into the field.
Then they followed us on to the gate to the next field. 
There is always one or two that are very interested in Emma.  She usually distracts them and they end up going the wrong way.  But this time they just followed her too.  (she was not injured during this exchange)
They all filed through the gate into the temporary lane J had set up. 
And then there is the one you have to wait on. 
With all of J's good prep work it was easy getting them headed to the barn.  Then it was filing through the chute one at a time for 3 shots then back out to pasture, done!

Getting Ready

Her feet are freshly trimming and she is getting ready to find a new home in 1 week.  
I am a little put out with the Mustang Foundation though.  Everything has stated the dates as August 25-27th.  When they finally sent out the schedule 2 weeks ago;  events start at 8:30 am on the 25th.  I made arrangements to be off work and reserved a hotel room for Thursday and Friday.  I plan on being there early Thursday morning.  Then on Tuesday of this week I get an email saying there is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday.  What!?  Another day you want me to take off work and pay for a room to try to adopt out a horse.  This is just not going to work.  Maybe I am a lot put out with the Mustang Foundation.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Painting, Cleaning and Heavy Pruning

So here is some of the house/yard work Kit Kat was supervising this weekend. 
I finally got E to start painting on the deck.  She got one section done before heading back to Blacksburg.
I had an epiphany about how to clean the vinyl siding.  Instead of using a bucket and rag and rubbing each lap I decided to get a cheap sprayer and mop.  I sprayed on the dilute bleach then took the mop and wiped across the siding then hosed it off.  My hands never touched the water, it worked great!
Then here are the before and afters of cutting down stuff that has outgrown their spots.
Removing those 2 arborvitaes really opened up the front walk. 
I tormented about cutting down the red bud tree but in the end decided that the dogwood needed to go instead.
I think J will be able to get the mower through here better now. 
Then on the side of the house those 3 medium bushes just weren't working.  I tried topping them but still couldn't get them short enough to stay lower than the windows.  And the one J is cutting was right in front of the water spigot.  
I really don't miss any of it.  17 years of growing and now we are in the cutting down phase.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just Kit Sunday #108

J, E and I were doing lots of yard and outdoor house work yesterday. 
It was a good thing that Kit Kat was around to supervise.
Otherwise, I'm not sure anything would have gotten done.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Things You Just Have To See

First up is a picture from our local paper, six generations together in one photo. 
 Ok, I see the oldest and youngest, and the second youngest is easy to pick out but what is with the back row?  Is it a brother and 2 sisters?  How are those generations divided?
Then I was on Craig's list.  I am wanting to sell a sofa so I was checking out prices of used ones and came across this one.  Really? You couldn't clean it off to take a picture of something you are trying to sell?  I haven't done Bad Horse For Sale Pictures in awhile so  maybe this bad couch for sale picture will do.
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