Saturday, December 9, 2017

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I don't think they were calling for snow.  We ended up with about 5 inches.  Took some pictures on a little walk this morning. 


Hope you are staying warm.

Friday, December 8, 2017

I Should Be Banned

I just couldn't help myself.  I went into the State Surplus store again and came out with a chair, again. 
 But isn't is cool?
 It is really rocking my mid century vibe.
And who could pass it up for just $3.00?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parelaphostrongylus tenuis

Well, that is what I am suspecting anyway.  P tenuis, or meningeal deer worm, can be a big problem for goats.  White tail deer are the natural host and are seemingly unaffected by the parasite.  The life cycle involves a snail, which the goats can eat when grazing.  Because the worm is in the wrong host, it migrates abnormally, aberrant migration, and ends up in the brain or spinal cord.  If that happens then neurological symptoms occur.
J noticed one of the new billy goats dragging a rear leg one day.  The next day he said the front leg on the same side was affected.  There is no test for the worm and little to no treatment.  But, being a vet I had to try.
J got out his handy, dandy catch pole so I could treat the billy.  I gave him a big dose of ivermectin dewormer, and some banamine, an anti inflammatory.  J said today he was no worse but probably no better either.  It is usually a chronic progressive disease.  So we will wait and see.   Another vet at the clinic with goats recently lost one due to neurological problems.  She had hers necropsied and they diagnosed the worm then.
Meanwhile, the nannies are all doing good.  The weather has been dry, which they love.
And Mary Lou, and Crazy were happy to see me.
Then just some nice pictures to get our minds off the billy goat.
That's Bea on the left, and the puppies which I can't tell apart without seeing there tails.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tire Feed Tub

A few years ago when J was in high school, he made a feed tub from an old tire.  The trick is getting the tire turned inside out.  Once you do, you have a pretty indestructible feed tub.  That is except for the wooden bottom. 
 J thought Hank might do better with a larger pan since he still dropped a lot of his grain.  So he put a new bottom on the tire and tried it out.
 I'm pretty sure Hank doesn't care much about what he eats out of as long as there is something in there every day.
Looks like the tire tub is Hank Approved.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Just Kit Sunday #127

Kit Kat was a good model this week.  I actually got a picture of him sitting still outside.
 So, ok, not Just Kit.  We got our Christmas tree yesterday! Yay!
It took a little rearranging of the branches but I think it looks pretty good.  There was a pretty big bare spot 2/3's of the was up.  I took some branches that I had trimmed off the bottom, drilled holes in the trunk and stuck them in.  We will see how that holds up over the next month.  Who wants to help decorate?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Loop

I just mentioned to J the other day how if that cedar tree was cut, it would be easier for me to ride down this little road.  
 And with that, J was out there, chain saw in hand, clearing the way.
 While he was at it, he went ahead and cut out the down trees that were across the road.
 Doesn't that look inviting now?
Otoelene and I sure enjoyed the improvement.  With this little trail opened up, I can add about 10 minutes to my ride around the farm.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Obsession

So this is totally off most of my topics but I have been obsessed lately with couponing at Dollar General.  There is one on my way home from work, so very convenient.  You would be surprised at how seriously people take it.  I am in a Facebook Group devoted to it and finally had to eliminate it from my news feed because they would be posting every few seconds.  
 I got this haul using digital and paper coupons along with the survey $3 off $15 that prints at the bottom of receipts.
I think my big loss was the Dawn, which was actually the thing that I needed.  Otherwise I could have worked a little harder and gotten my OOP (out of pocket)  down a little more.  Oh well, sometimes you just need stuff.  People may be needing to watch their Christmas stockings for my deals.
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