Friday, February 1, 2008

Easy Bake Oven

School was closed today due to the ice storm. We had a thin coat of ice which did no damage. It did however, make feeding the livestock miserable for J.

E used her time indoors to do some baking. Remember the Easy Bake Oven? Cookies just taste better cooked over a light bulb. I also have gotten her interested in Gone With The Wind. We are watching it in 30-45 min. segments. She says she has a hard time understanding what Prissy is saying. ("I don't know nothin about birthin no baby")

V's basketball team won tonight, very close game until the 4th quarter when we pulled ahead winning 40-26. V played nearly the entire game. She was so aggressive on defense that she had 4 fouls. This has never happened before.

Wish us luck at the horse sell tomorrow.


Milly said...
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Lynn said...

Alas, we did not have an easy bake oven. We had to wait until we visited our cousin to eat the easy bake goodies.

Milly said...

Way to go V! Congratulations on the win.

Easy Bake Oven?? Is that yours from 35 years ago? Makes me sort of quesy thinking about the large amounts of warmed up cookie dough we ate back then.

Nice to see a picture of E!

GWTW -- one of my favorite movies of all time. V isn't watching too? I've watched a lot of GWTW. I read it back in the days when I didn't do much reading and I read all about the making of it. Great movie.

Good luck horse shopping -- watch out for the impulse buying...

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