Thursday, February 7, 2008


It has been right at a year since we adopted Emma. She has been a great dog. She is so friendly and loves everyone. She tries very hard to make friends with all of the animals. It took her 3 times however, to learn that skunks don't want to make friends.

Joke from E; What do you get when 120 rabbits take 1 step backwards?

Answer; A receding hair line.


Scooter said...

E - I loved your joke. Every one I told it to laughed. See you tomorrow.

Milly said...

Passing on comments from A:
Wow, I'm totally impressed with the blog. I just read everything.

Horse looks great - nice long stride.
Love the easy bake oven...takes me back. Have to agree with Milly on feeling a little queasy.
Love the joke, just like scooter! It was funny.
Glad to hear V is taking guitar. What chords are you learning V?
Never knew Milly's fav movie was GWTW. Learn something new every day.

Milly said...

I say great joke E.

Emma is a very dear dog, so friendly and happy to see you. Can't say the same about Oreo though...

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