Monday, May 5, 2008

State Horse Judging Contest

The State 4-H Horse Judging Contest was Saturday. The other 2 girls on the team backed out at the last minute so V and E had to judge as individuals. V was 5th in performance judging. E thought she did better than she actually did.V next to the white cone.

E standing blue shirt.

I don't have a final count for how many were in the contest but you can get an idea of the crowd.

These were two of E's favorite classes, mini halter and mini driving.
We also had a class of Akhal Tekes. I think these are the first I've ever seen. They are originally from Turkmenistan.

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Milly said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm sorry V and E's teammates backed out at the last minute. They all had been doing so well. Congratulations to V on 5th place in performance judging - quite a feat in such a crowd

Nice update -- looks like there were a lot of unusual classes that added to the difficulty.

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