Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bottle Goats

Ok, so we are push overs.  We have decided to let E keep Cubby  Cakes IF she feds him twice a day EVERY day.  Then we thought while she's doing him she might as well do two others we found this morning not being cared for.
This is Cubby Cakes is in front at about 6 days old.  Rocky, the beloved Squeeky's kid,  is in back at 1 1/2 days old.  There is quite a size difference between different goats.
V just returned from the B&B Stockman's and Livestock Judging Contest.  She was 8th high in Cattle Judging and the team was 1st in Cattle.  There were 430 contestants in all.

1 comment:

Milly said...

Good job V -- that was a lot of competition.

I'm glad E got to keep cubby cakes. E was so cute holding him/her (not sure if cubby cakes is a boy or girl -- I will assume girl). Poor little cubby cakes is very small compared to the others. Take good care of cubby cakes E.

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