Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had to do my first c-section on one of our goats today.  It was the little appaloosa spotted goat.  She only had a single and it was too big for her to have.  I could get the legs but the head kept flipping back and would not come through the pelvis.  So I took here to the clinic to operate. 
Shaving the hair to prep for surgery.
After my incision into the abdomen to extract the uterus.
Closing the uterus after removing the fetus.
Unfortunately, the kid was dead.  Goats don't handle stress very well so I'm not sure if she will make it or not.  So far this evening she was recovering ok.

1 comment:

Milly said...

I hope the mother goat makes it. She's lucky to have you as an owner. Who took these photos? Not E or V?

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