Friday, March 27, 2009

Up For Adoption

Because goats have a very small brain and an overly large proportion of it is used to think up ways to irritate people, we have ended up with 4 kids so far for adoption.
These 3 are sleeping after being bottle fed.
You can tell when this one had twins she decided to take care of one and totally ignore the other one.  Once they have made up their pea brain to abandon one there is no way we have found to force them to take care of it.  Can you tell we are a little put out with them?
E is most disappointed to have to give up Cubby Cakes.  It was a tiny twin the nanny took care of for 2 days then changed her mind and now doesn't want it.
Because it is so difficult to reacclimate a bottle fed goat back into the herd we haven't been keeping them.  They are on the way to foster care tonight.

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