Monday, June 29, 2009

V's District Show Results

V had a very interesting and eventful day Saturday at the show.
She didn't want to show in Showmanship but I highly encouraged it. (translation: made her)
She ending up with first place.
L brought Allie to the show.  Our plan was to have her as a back up for the State 4-H Show in case something happened to Pep or Jessica before September.  V tried showing her in western go as you please.  She only made in around 1 1/2 times before Allie got too nervous to continue.  She broke into a canter and V had trouble even stopping her long enough to get off.  I think part of the problem was even though V rode her a long time outside the ring, she had never been in the ring and there was just too much new to deal with.  After that we decided E didn't need to try to show her.

V's largest class was hunter go as you please with 19 horses.  She placed 4th.
She also amazingly got a 5th in hunter pleasure out of 11 where she picked up the wrong lead.  Jessica was racing so fast it was half way around before V could even slow her enough to try again and even then I'm not sure she ever got it right.  At one point when she should have been trotting Jessica broke into a canter then stopped completely to scratch her leg.  Unlike E who's mistakes seemed to come right in front of the judge, he apparently missed all of the drama going on with V.  After that class I had V ride her hard until her next class.  She was much more controlled for equitation where she was 5th out of 13.
Of course I had to take Daddy's favorite shot at the end of the show.


C said...

Enjoyed the update. Especially Daddy's favorite shot? Nice job V.

C said...

Opps I meant to use a ! not a ?

I totally recognize Daddy's favorite shot...

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