Sunday, September 6, 2009

Show Results

The girls had a fairly successful day Saturday.  It was very hot at dusty for the show and there was a large crowd.  Some of the classes had at least 15 entries.
Jessica acted beautifully warming up but I think she is worse than Todd was for knowing when the class is in and then acting up.  She laid down in the ring before the start of V's first class, then bucked during the canter in her second class.E had the largest class of 15 in western go as you please.  This show also had 2 ranch horse ridding classes which seems to be a good niche for Pep.  I think we need to look for more shows with this class.
You can hardly tell where E cut a chunk out of the middle of Pep's mane.  I think when we band it for the state show you won't be able to tell at all.
The placings ended up with V getting 3rd in intermediate rider walk/trot, 5th in intermediate w/t/c, and 2nd in open Hunt seat equitation (against several adults).
E was 5th in stock seat equitation walk/jog, 2nd in ranch horse horsemanship, and 1st in ranch horse riding.
Both need to work on picking up the correct lead when cantering and E needs to be able to tell which lead Pep is on without looking at me.

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