Friday, September 25, 2009

Yard Work

I finally had a day to work in the yard.  Things have been growing wild the last two months (conditioning for the endurance ride in August, then getting the girls ready for the State Show this month has been very time consuming).
Last fall I threw some old gourds over the fence.  Well, they must have liked it there because they started to grow this summer.
I think there are 4 different varieties, none looking like the originals.
My butterfly bush has been very prolific with volunteers all over the yard.  I've potted a few to give away.  Any takers?
We have been blessed with an abundance of rain this year which means the grass in the yard has done quite well.  J mowed it today.  I think we could just about bale it for hay.
Instead, I've been raking it to mulch the garden so maybe there won't be so much chickweed in the spring.
Not a whole lot blooming right now, but the Endless Summer Hydrangea really is living up to it's name.

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