Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree

This a a preview of the Dec. 25th tree of the day.  We went to get out real tree today.  We've been cutting one from a local grower.  He has a very limited collection but they are very cheap.  Unfortunately, he hasn't been doing too much pruning on them for the last few years.  I think they have gotten out of hand.
Since it snowed it was difficult to tell what the tree would look like so I just asked which one he had his eye on.  This is what he pointed out.  He said we could always make it shorter but it had a good top.
That's J reaching up to cut the tree down.
It was over 12 feet tall when I measured it at home.  I've done some pruning but haven't had a chance to get in in the house yet.  No telling what it will end up looking like.

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