Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Something Different

Tomorrow will be the 13th day in a row of no school because of snow. So far they have not gone a single day in February. I'm running out of subject matter other than snow so E took my camera out this evening to take pictures but unfortunately came back with the zoom lens not retracting. It will go back when the camera is turned off then it will zoom in again but not back out. Maybe this will be my excuse to buy a new camera. My canon power shot that I have had for at least 3 years is only 6 mega pixels and I have been thinking about getting a higher one. Any suggestions?
I did a little editing on this picture I took awhile back. If I can get it to print out how it looks on the computer I might enter it in a fair this summer.

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Jessika said...

Hi-- I just was perusing Blogspot, and I came across your blog. I've felt rather guilty this year-- the west coast has had relatively mild weather (an El Nino year, but watch, I say this and now I've probably jinxed it and it will snow in May), while the east coast has gotten smothered in snow.

I feel guilty for posting garden photos.

But, nonetheless, your photos are neat and interesting, even if they are of snow, so please keep posting. From someone who didn't get any snow this year (and is a little sad by it), I like to see the photos.

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