Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving To Cleaner Pasture

J started the "Sand-hills Shuffle" today. The cows are getting ready to start calving so we moved them to a new field.
They are use to rotating and usually come when J calls. Of course the tractor with the round bale was also good inticement.
They followed the tractor through the horse field,
streamed through the gate,
and took off to the new pasture. They will stay here for about 10 days, then J will move the cows that haven't calved to a new field. That way the newborn calves aren't exposed to the older ones. This is suppose to cut down on the spread of scours. The research was done in Nebraska, thus the name Sand-hills Shuffle. Most people around here do the opposite, moving out the cows with calves to a different field and leaving all the cows to calve in the same place. We have done this new way for a few years and so far have had good success. Three cows calved this afternoon after the move.

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