Sunday, April 18, 2010

4-H Arena Day

The 4-H horse club had an open arena at the local fair grounds for their monthly meeting today. It was cool and breezy and when we got there we discovered that the ring had been worked on and half of the fence was gone. However, the footing was good albeit a little dusty. We decided to take Pep and Jessica and stopped by a friend's house to pick up her horse Iney. Iney is a 16.3 Hand 4yr old QH mare that V might show some this summer. She was a little hesitant to load but did well considering she was getting on a trailer with 2 strange horses and Jessica was pawing and beating the sides of the trailer.
The owner lounged and road Iney for an hour before V rode. She was looking very good by this time. She went both ways and picked up her leads and kept her head down for the most part.
V mostly rode Jessica who did well also. She actually went slow by Jessica's standard.
E pretty much hasn't been on Pep since the state show in September but she was the same as always, well maybe a little uppity because E could get her to lope without a whip. All in all a successful warm up before show season.

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