Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today has been rainy, windy and cold. It has been in the 40's all day. So to brighten the day I have some flower pictures from the yard.
J said no one would know what this was without showing the whole flower.
It was a tulip, just a different variety than these.

I cut some lilacs to bring into the house. Jessica was at the fence so I thought I would let her smell them. But being a horse she tried to eat them.


Cattle Call Farm said...

I have tried planting tulips, but about the time they come up, the deers get them. I planted a whole bed of them one time and they took all of them in one night. Nice looking horse, she looks like my daughters horse, Sugar.

fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful florwers ! I love lilacs!

C said...

Lovely. I did recognize the tulip -- Very familiar just now for me since I've been sorting through my Keukenhof garden pictures -- I have lotsa tulip pictures.

I liked the happy story about the little twin goat that you revived then reunited with his mother.

G-Pride Farm said...

Beautiful flowers, and I especially like the horse smelling the lilac's, even if she did try to eat them. Just a lovely picture.

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