Monday, April 5, 2010


Our goal for the goats this year was to kidd a little later than last year. This way maybe we could avoid the bad weather and let them stay outside. I put up the temporary fence about 10 days ago in hopes of getting a little more grass to grow.
Saturday when I went to feed the dogs, the goats all came up to get salt. It was the perfect opportunity to get them in with very little work. The next part of the plan is to sort out all of the ones that aborted earlier and turn them back out. We might get to that tomorrow.
We had our first one born this afternoon. The puppies seem very interested but have left it alone for now. I guess the test will be if he is still here in the morning. Bumble looks like she could be licking her lips.

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Cattle Call Farm said...

You have a beautiful farm, I love how the land lays. We have been moving cattle around trying to save on feeding, now that we got rid of our bull it makes it alot easier not having to worry about him getting to the heifers.

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