Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Preg Check

I still do a little large animal work but J is my only client. He is good to not over tax my arm. He usually only needs me to preg check a few cows each year. He had 2 for me today. One heifer that was bred and a cow which was open.
I still look official in my green vet coveralls.
Notice the pursed lip technique. There is not much worse than manure in your teeth and with all of this new green grass there was plenty of watery green stuff.
The new chute worked well, it even has a little gate for me to get behind the cattle. I didn't get hurt so I considered it a successful day.


fernvalley01 said...

That has to be one of the biggest issues for large animal vets , Safety ! We always try to make sure we have a safes set up for our vet, oil the chute and gates so escape is easy , but Its a risky spot to be in!Usually the only one who takes a lickin around here is me!

Cattle Call Farm said...

When we took our bull to the market the other day my daughter Callie got to watch them preg check for the first time. I was watching the sale and she came back and was wondering what they were doing? When I explained it to her she was amazed how the could tell how far along they were. They only mark what trimester they are in on their hip.

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