Saturday, April 24, 2010

Road Crew

There are always numerous odd jobs to do on a farm. The ones that usually get done are because of necessity.
This collapse over a culvert is a prime example. The road was wide enough for the truck, but we also park the trailers back here. The trailers would run over the hole.

There were some discarded bridge timbers behind the shed. J drug them out and pulled the nails.
They worked nicely over the hole except for the change in height.
We scavenged some gravel to level it up.
Now we can pull the trailers in and out without too much worry.


fernvalley01 said...

Oh have I been there! Old railroad ties were our fix

Cattle Call Farm said...

I know all about odd jobs, seems like when you are working on one, you find 2 more. That's on top of the jobs you have to do everyday.

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