Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cattle Work

We worked the first bunch of cows today. The hay is almost gone and we are trying to get the cattle out to new pastures.
First, it involved getting the cattle up. V and E were out of school for Easter break so they very kindly helped.
V did and excellent job on the head gate.
E tried her hand at a variety of jobs. She drew up the vaccine and used the spray gun dewormer.
We had to haul the cattle to the new field. It is a farm we rent across the road. We took the cows first.
Then we hauled the calves over. There was a lot of frantic bawling and running around until all of the pairs got matched back up.


Cattle Call Farm said...

My girls are on spring break next week and they are a big help around here. I have been moving my cows around trying to keep from feeding, we usually feed until around the 15th.We are taking our old bull to market today, so I can move some more around so they won't get bred. Our new bull is in the barn and I will be turning him out the end of this month.Looks like you'll have been getting some of the good weather too. My mom lives at Smith Mt Lake and she said it was near 90 there yesterday. That will make the grass grow.

小研 said...
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