Friday, August 20, 2010

Trail Ride

V is acting like she will back out on the endurance ride next week. Please encourage her to do it. Between all of the homework she has for Governor's School, trying to relearn the math she never learned properly to start with and cross county practice every day, she hasn't had much time to ride.
J has been good enough to step in and help with Jessica's conditioning. This morning we hauled the horses up the rode to the national forest for a quick 8 mile ride. Jessica was feeling pretty spirited to start with.
J had to fight with the cinch to get the girth on his Big Horn cutting saddle tight enough.
Then he had to fight with Jessica for a minute.
He finally got everything straightened out and ready to go. I think Jessica will think the ride a breeze if V goes. She'll be carrying 80 less pounds from what she did today. If J does the ride we will try to borrow a lighter synthetic saddle. I think J would do a great job, but I hate for V to miss out on these experiences growing up.

1 comment:

fernvalley01 said...

I do hope she goes,such a hard working girl needs to just go ride and enjoy

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