Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redneck Closet

Sorry for the break. I've been at a Continuing Education meeting in North Carolina. I got the visit my sister there with my mother, E and another sister. We had a good time eating out, checking out thrift stores and flea markets, playing ping pong and watching Monty Python, and having a cookout over a campfire. The others went to the mall, hiked to see a waterfall, and visited the Thomas Wolfe house while I attended classes. C has all of the pictures of the trip. Too bad I can't post the one of my mother getting a fabreez shower after the campfire.
I will show you this though. We pass this house on our way the the trails we normally ride. They always have laundry hanging on the porch. The articles of clothing do seem to change. It appears that they just use the clothes line on the porch as a closet.

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