Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's time to pick up nuts.
Black Walnuts that is. We have several areas on the farm to choose from. This one is in the horse field. They have done a good job grazing so the walnuts are easy to find.
J wanted to pick some up in one of the cattle fields also. Emma may look like she is helping but I think she just found an interesting hole.
E on the other hand did help.
J strapped on the buckets and headed for the house. Now we have to let them dry and get the hulls off so we can crack them this winter.


C said...

Looks like J is enjoying the four wheeler. Walnuts -- mmmmm!

fernvalley01 said...


Crystal said...

mmm walnuts sound good.

aurora said...

How great to have your own supply of walnuts!

I've heard Black Walnut Trees release a toxin in the soil, or something similar, that is toxic to horses? A farm where my son took lessons years ago kept their horses out of their Black Walnut Tree area during a certain time of the year...can't remember exactly why. Do you do similar, or your horses just stay clear of it?

The 4 R's said...

Black walnuts do produce a toxin in the roots that helps to keep some other plants from being able to grow near. I'm not aware of this affecting horses. The oil in the wood however is very dangerous and can cause founder if the shavings are used as bedding.

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