Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy Heifer

Yesterday we got the biggest part of the herd up to wean the rest of the calves and deworm/delice the cows.
The cows weren't too much trouble to get up.
With the applicator gun we don't even have to get the cows in the barn to shoot on the dewormer.
The only problem was a crazy heifer from the neighbor's that had jumped in with our cows. The owner is from out of state and just buys a truck load of calves to turn out. Every year something of his always gets over on us.
This one was so wild Emma couldn't even calm her down. We got her in the barn but the only place that would hold her she couldn't tear up was the head gate. We left her in the head gate until we finished working the cattle then loaded her on the trailer. She spent the night there until the owner picked her up to haul her back to the market.

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fernvalley01 said...

We had a load of 50 "heads up heafers that my cousin got for grassers one year.NOT FUN Nasty buck wild ,I wound up jumping over more than a couple fences to save my own fanny!they settled some by the ebd of the season ,but I still brought them in about 12 at a time , with feed .I would drop feed in the alley then when I got a few in I would race down to the gate to lock them in , the second they saw me they were on the run!Sure was glad to see the back ogf that group

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