Saturday, January 15, 2011


It has been so cold and snowy this last week that I haven't done much outside. J on the other hand, has been miserable feeding in his cabless tractor. I may have some news on that subject next week.
Meanwhile, here are some indoor activities. I went to another auction yesterday. They spent 2 hours selling the junk stuff before starting on the nice estate items. I didn't get to stay for the good stuff but did bid $2 on a box of glass wear. Nobody else bid so I guess I have some more donations for Goodwill. I do like the cookie jar, and I think E might like the ice cream glasses.
I retrieved the rocker out of the garage and recovered it with some fabric I already had.
It looks nice with my newly recovered Duncan Phyfe sofa.
I also had this goose neck rocker (from an auction 15 years ago) recovered for the bedroom.
Lastly, E has been wanting a purple comforter. I never could find one but I finally found some nice purple fabric that matched her curtains so I bought a plain white down comforter and made a duvet cover for it. Now she wants a purple chair to go with everything else. Guess I still have another project to look forward to.


fourwilkies said...

Love the goose neck rocker, I've never seen one before.

Thomas said...

Do you know what company made these gooseneck rockers? My parents had one when I was a Kid like 30 years ago. I'm curious.

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