Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming Home

J hauled 2 loads of bred heifers home yesterday. He wanted to get them while the ground was still frozen. At 12 degrees that wasn't much of a problem.
They have been at his dad's house since this summer.
They should start calving sometime in March so J wanted them back at home.
There's a small set of pens but no loading chute so J makes due with his portable cattle panels. (more pictures on that tomorrow, aren't you excited) This set up gets the ok (or something I'm not sure what) sign.
The heifers are a little suspicious of the trailer.
But with a little encouragement and a few choice words, J got them loaded.
Of course, when they get home Emma has to greet them all.
Then she sees them off to their new pasture.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

I read your blog nearly every day. I think I'm living vicariously through your blog. You've got a neat life!!! Keep up the bloggin'.... I truly enjoy it! All of it! I'm from the middle of Kansas, sooooooo.....

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