Sunday, February 20, 2011

Horse Judging

I took the girls the the Block and Bridle Horse Judging Contest at Tech yesterday. E was sick with a fever but competed anyway. V decided she didn't really care this year so she didn't over analyse the classes.
It was the biggest contest B&B has had for several years. The arena was large enough that they were able to run 2 halter classes at a time. This allowed the kids to spread out more so they could see the horses better.That's E across the ring in the orange sweatshirt. The weather wasn't bitter cold this year and they also had better horses than last year.
Katlyn (middle) competed as a Jr. and V and E were seniors. I never could find anyone else that would go to make a team which is a shame considering how well they did. E didn't place but her scores minus reasons were only 5 points behind V's. V was High individual in Performance, 8th in Reasons, 9th in Halter and 5th overall. I guess it pays to not over think. I hope I can find some else to make a team before the state contest in April. I just don't understand kids not wanting to take advantage of all of the opportunities around them.


C said...

5th overall!! - Wow good job V!

SunnySD said...

Zowie, that's a LOT of contestants. Great placing!

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