Saturday, February 26, 2011


  J decided to get the palomino filly we looked at the other day.  The fact that her name rhymes with several of my family members middle names is shear coincidence. 
 She has only had a halter on 3 times so we thought it might be interesting getting her home.  We decided to try the livestock trailer instead of the horse trailer since it was more open and we could haul her loose in the front section.
"That's too high, I won't, I won't."
So, OK we moved the trailer a bit too make the step smaller.
  "I won't, I won't."
OK, since this is your first time we'll move the trailer so there is no step.
 "I won't, I won't."
 "You will, you will."
 And she did.
Now see, that wasn't as bad as you thought.
"That's what you think."


C said...

Your narrative got some chuckles from those at the beach.

Leontien said...

I got a 28 year old stallion and he's a handfull when he's supossed to go on the trailer. When he was a young hand handsome stud it wasn't too much of a problem but now every year it seems to get worse... now i have the hooftrimmer come to us.

maybe he's a bit spoiled....

Thanks for the post!

Danni said...

Ah ha ha! Been here, done this...with various donkeys *many* times. Sometimes, they just need a little bit of extra "convincing". :-)

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