Friday, February 18, 2011

Junk Day

No matter how clean we think our farm is junk still seams to happen. The weather was nice today and J had a little extra time so he decided to make a trip to the dump.
First up was a gate J didn't even want to repair again.
Then a couple of other gates needed to be moved.
We finally got an old round bale feeder loaded and I saw an old culvert that could go.
That pretty much topped off the green box.


Crystal said...

good for you to clean up the junk, we have lots of old machinery I would like to get rid of, but there is nowhere to take it unless we cut it up and sell it as scrap metal which takes forever. Its a never ending job claeaning thats for sure.

Kim said...

Just found your blog and really enjoyed looking through your posts. We just started a hobby farm but our oldest is planning on starting college next year and studying to be a large animal vet. And then our youngest is convinced he'll own a ranch someday. Right now we'll live our lives vicariously through you guys. Must have been cleanup day everywhere. We had 4 pickup loads of hay and other stuff from the horses that we cleaned up today, atleast yours didn't smell.

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