Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beauty and More

V decided to enter her school beauty pageant yesterday.  Now, I can fit a horse, steer, heifer and sheep but a girl is a whole different ballgame. I spent an hour curling her hair only to have her burst into tears, wash it out and redo it herself.  I was then banished from the prep room and had to wait in the auditorium for an hour before the contest started.  I didn't get to see the practice the day before so I couldn't help coach the pattern.  This was nothing like a horse show.  V was pretty much on her own.
 There were two categories, casual wear,
 and formal wear.
Despite obviously being the most beautiful one out there, she didn't make it into the top five.  But now that I have actually seen a pageant I'm sure if I can do some training we can win.
 Now on a different tack,  Charlie, the baby goat that spent the night in the laundry room, is back with his mom.  She is somewhat accepting of him which in goat terms means she's not pounding the crud out of him with her horns.  He's pretty smart and has learned to nurse from behind while she is busy eating.
 This set of twins was born yesterday and they are doing well,
 as is this set that were born just a few hours after the first set.  There has been one more set of twins that were very small.  One was born dead and the other had to come to the house for a few hours.  She has since been reunited with her mother also.
And not to be left out, E help us work some cattle yesterday so they could get turned out on pasture.  Looks like J and I will have to finish the rest from that lot tomorrow.
Kid count:  7


Crystal said...

Well too bad about V not winning the pagent, I think she looks beautiful out there too.

SunnySD said...

Adorable babies :) Friends of ours have hair sheep crosses (as opposed to the woolies), and I'm always saying the lambs look like baby goats when they're born. Perhaps not, but they're all cute, regardless. Hope everything stays healthy!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Sorry she didn't win.

Aw, that's tuff losing little ones.

C said...

K you are a riot - "coaching the pattern" and "I'm sure if I can do some training we can win". Althought like you, I feel V should have won.

I'm glad to hear the good news about that little Charlie.

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