Monday, April 25, 2011

Cattle Working

We got the fall calving cattle up today to work.
 There are about 40 cows in this group.
 The pens have a major obstacle in the middle, an old chicken house.  The calves a lot of times run into it, but today a cow decided to enter.  The problem was she tried to exit through the smaller opening.
 After a major struggle she finally freed herself but left behind a lot of hair in the process.
 J had 6 heifers for me to pregnancy check.  My arm gets a little tried between cattle.
 You can see was the green grass turns into.
V and E were on Easter break still today.  V went with a friend and his family to see a Titanic museum tour.  That left E to stay and help us.  She is alway wonderful help and very pleasant too.  We vaccinated and dewormed the calves, implanted the steers with Ralgro and had one open heifer.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like a busy day!

Hope ya'll had a great Easter.

IanH said...

It seems that there is never any shortage of work on a farm!

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