Saturday, May 7, 2011

Breaking Ground

The grader finally showed up.  Well, the second grader anyway.  The first one promised to come out "in a week or two."  After the first week he said next week.  After the second week he said defiantly not next week but maybe the next.  When I tried to pin him down he said get someone else.  
 Everyone is concerned with the view.  J said,  "do you want to just sit in the house and look outside or do you want to get out an do something?"   I don't think it will block much and if the building looks nice what's the problem?
 Looks like we'll be getting out to do something.
 He's moving the topsoil off first, it's only about 3" deep then grading the area.
It's a bit scary to have such a big change.


farmer said...

beautiful view.
When we excavated for my riding ring we had over 2 feet of topsoil,ended up with over 40 tandem dump truck loads out of the 100x100 ring!
Just remember, without change there would be no butterfly's!

Crystal said...

Scary, but will be worth it!

The Japanese Redneck said...

You'll be so glad when you get thru with your project.

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