Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oak Burl

We have this interesting tree on our farm.
 It can be barely seen from the gravel road.  It is nearly inaccessible from the house.
 I didn't even know about it until a couple of weeks ago when someone asked to buy it.
They know someone that turns bowls out of burl wood and is always on the look out for trees.  Anyone know what this is worth?


IanH said...

I would suggest that you start at several thousand dollars. The wood will be fantastic in the burl.

Barbara said...

I love your blog. Sent a link to a couple of my cousins who are carvers. Here's how one responded: "WOW!!!!!! That is an amazing tree!!!!!! I too, believe it would be worth several thousand dollars. Just a plain tree of that size, if it is oak or walnut or a hard wood, even catalpa, with the burls is amazing and I know on the inside it would be absolutely amazing! Burls are the most beautiful wood of all for carving and or turning. If they really were interested in selling it, they should put it on some of the carving sites. To see some amazing carvings that are carved out of solid walnut of wildlife and birds, my favorite carver in the world is John T. Sharp. Look up his carvings. They are big and beautiful! He is a multiple world champion carver. His carvings sell for thousands of dollars!"

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