Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sand and Rain

I finally had 2 loads of sand delivered for the barn.  J tried to spread it with the tractor but was only able to get it into smaller piles so I went to work with a shovel and rake.  That was 2 weeks ago and my back still isn't well.  Shortly after we got the sand evened out it started to rain.  Three inches later we had a flooded barn. 
 The man that did the grading thinks it's because the pipes that the gutters drain into didn't have enough fall and the water backed up and came through the connection of the downspout to the pipe then under the wall.
 So now the pipe is running the other direction across the driveway to the barn until he can come back and dig the trenched to bury them.   Just one more obstacle to work around.
 V and E rode their horses in the barn together for the first time (with the sand).  One corner was still pretty wet but the rest was usable.  Hank was very calm about the whole thing.
 He went right on and did everything V asked.
Pep on the other hand seamed a little more alert and took several stubborn spells.  We finally worked her through it and they both had good rides.  I'm thinking this might be nice come cold weather.


Crystal said...

Oh I am so jealous! i so need an arena here so I can ride in the winter! That looks so nice, even with the flooding which hopefully you will figure out.

C said...

Looks like nice light in those high windows. I hope that V&E do well at the state show. Good that they are practicing

The Japanese Redneck said...

We had a flooded stall after Lee and it's never done that before.

Water does what it wants.

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