Monday, September 19, 2011

Virginia State 4-H Horse Show 2011

We are all safe and back in one piece so the show was definitely a success.  
 You can see there is quite an array of ribbons (but no blue), and every one looks happy.
 V was a little worried about Hank at first.  When he got off the trailer she thought he seemed spooky of everything.  But after we got him saddled and in the warm up ring he was fine and V was more relaxed.
 His first class was in Waldron Arena, the big indoor one we were worried about.  But Hank said, "what's to worry."  He was cool as a cucumber.  In fact, he might have been a little too relaxed and not moving out enough.  Everything went so smooth with no breaks and no missed leads.
 It was a big class with 19 small horses (over 14.2 but not exceeding 15.2 1/2).  Hank is 15.2 1/2.  He's at the very far end of the line up standing quietly.
 They managed an 8th place.
 The next day they showed in the outdoor arena.  V didn't warm him up as much in hope of being able to keep him moving out better.  They looked beautiful.  Sometimes I would lose track of V in the ring and then notice this gorgeous moving horse and it would still surprise me that it was ours.  Because of the size of the class they ran it a little differently.  They walked and trotted both ways then half the class lined up while the other half cantered.  Then they switched so the 2nd half could canter.  Then they called out the top ten (which included V and Hank)  to do the whole class over  (walk/trot/canter both ways).  Some horses were getting tired but Hank's endurance training paid off.  He never once looked like he was giving out.
 Can you believe this line up?  The quality of horses was outstanding.
V and Hank came out of the class with 3rd!
In the trail preliminary V wasn't able to get Hank moved over to close the gate and in Equitation she forgot to say canter before she cued him to canter in the pattern so he didn't pick it up very well.
V also won 2nd in the photograph contest in the special effects category.  This was the most success she has ever had at the State Show and I think she was pleased with the results.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats to V and Hank.

I really need to learn how to do the english braids.

They look really good!

Deanna said...

What a great experience!!

Crystal said...

Congrats to both of them! Sounds like a good show!

C said...

Fantastic V!! Great Job!

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