Friday, November 4, 2011


Lady is back here at her wintering grounds.
 J's dad is back in Florida so Lady is back here. (I think she gained a little too much weight over the summer)
 We've been keeping her separate from the other horses in hopes they would get use to seeing her again without being able to chase her.
 Today was the day we put her with the others.  Her first mistake was going right up to Jessica.
 Then off everyone else went.
 There was quite a bit of chaos.
 Then the running.
Jessica ended up in jail for a few minutes until everyone calmed down again.  Once we let her back out the running seemed to be over with.  As of night fall they all looked like they were getting along again.


Alica said...

Interesting...apparently horses have to establish their own "pecking order" too!

fernvalley01 said...

that 'll take the weight off her! Funny how they have to "jockey for postion" every time

Crystal said...

Interesting watching a herd interact.

The Japanese Redneck said...'s a new adventure every day with horses.

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