Monday, November 7, 2011

Mount Rogers 2011

J wanted to hike Mt. Rogers for his birthday celebration this year.  We don't always make the horses do all the work. 
 Last minute invitations rounded up M and L for the hike.  We parked in a different location hoping the hike would be shorter than the previous 15 miles that we have done in the past.
 J started out with the little purple bag.
 We saw a small band of the "wild" ponies.
 The views were spectacular.
 E even posed nicely for a picture.
 Quote from L, "I want to go back on the fire trail, I don't want to have to navigate all of these rocks."  Sorry L, no fire trail.
 There was a shifting of back packs after lunch.
 J's quote, "I'm fresh as fruit in season." (Originally from nephew Matt).  E's not looking all that fresh.
 L and M turned around before reaching the summit.  E still doesn't look too fresh.
A little fresh fruit perked her up on the way back.  Even with our 40 min. detour to the top we were still able to catch up with L and M before they reached the car.  Total mileage about 8 miles.


The Japanese Redneck said...

We use to walk 5 a day and that was quite a hike for me. And it was on flat ground.

Good job!

Crystal said...

that sounds like quite a hike! No wonder I prefer to ride :))

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