Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Second Round of Weaning

Last month we weaned just the heavier end of the steers.  We were able to send those with some we bought to the feedlot in Nebraska on Saturday. 
 Yesterday, we got the cattle up again to wean the rest of the calves.  The theory was that the cows would follow the tractor with the hay.
 But there are always the stragglers and the one that just stands on top of the hill to watch.
 Then  there are the ones that missed the gate hole and have to be driven back to it.

We finally got everyone headed in the right direction.

 J had to check his list to make sure he had cut out all of the cows he was planning to cull.  The Herefords he had such high hopes of the girls showing never panned out all that well.  A couple of them never raised very good calves.  He is still keeping a few.
 E came out to help some.  She was suppose to be counting but was easily distracted.
 J dewormed the cows we are keeping along with the calves we weaned.
Then back out to the field to get the promised hay.


fernvalley01 said...

gonna be a noisy couple of days!

Alica said...

I really enjoy seeing the rolling hills in your's such a pretty area. Looks like some happy cattle! Hope the weaned ones are adjusting well! :)

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