Sunday, January 29, 2012

Halter Breaking

V is showing 2 steers this year.  We have had them up and on feed since November.  The show is not until May but they are getting pretty big so it is time to start halter breaking them.
 We rub on them in the chute then put the halter on.
 V thought maybe the smaller steer would be easier for her to handle.
 So J worked on the larger one first.  He really didn't put up too much of a fight.  At about a thousand pounds he was content to stand still.
 The smaller one on the other hand was a bit rowdy.
 V gave it a good try but he got his head down and jerked away.
 He still gave J quite a fit.  J sometimes has a hard time understanding that a 100 pound girl doesn't have as much strength and grit as he does.
After a little leading it was time to stand tied and get brushed.  They had their second lessons today and showed a lot of improvement.  J said he could probably have them broke to lead in a week.


Deanna said...

How fun! I always wanted to show cows in 4H! So I love seeing how you go about it.

farmer said...

We are getting ready to halter break a heifer,she is much smaller at a couple months old, couldn't imagine the strength needed for the biggies!

fernvalley01 said...

made me smile thinking of my nephew and his steer! My hubby was helping him , and it was certainly a battle . but at the show in the spring Brendan's calf was a pussycat !

Nell said...

In our county, my kids aren't quite old enough to show a steer, so they'll have to show a hog this year. But next year, our REAL desire is to show steers and heifers. We all got a kick out of reading this blog post and it made us excited for what's to come for us. We'll soak up any info you give us in future posts! Thanks for the education!

Crystal said...

I have never halter broke a big calf, but used to work at a dairy and baby heifers sure take no time at all to halterbreak. Kinda nice to have them that way if needed.

The Japanese Redneck said...

A 1000LB's is a lot for a small girl to try to manhandle.

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