Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Cattle Drive

We always have a mini cattle drive in the winter.  We have to move the cattle from land we rent back to our farm to help consolidate feeding groups. Plus, the landlord doesn't like us feeding hay on their property. 
 The pens at the rented land are in bad shape.  J has to bring in 5-6 panels to make it work.
 He sorted out 5 to add to the farm about a mile up the road.
 The others plus the bull came back here,
 through the gate
 then turned around and up another little road.
With V and E's help everything went smoothly and J had one less place to have to feed.


Deanna said...

Such beautiful land!! I really enjoyed your mini-cattle drive.

IanH said...

It looks like fun! Wouldn't it be more fun (funner) from horseback? I guess I am a traditionalist, and also hate walking in water,

The Japanese Redneck said...

I was thinkin' border collie!

Buttons said...

Hello I have been reading your Blog I am so happy Alica introduced us. I love your stories. We raise cattle too and I know the whole rounding up chasing thing. It is much easier with a Border Collie like your commenter Japanese Redneck said. We had two Border Collies and yes it saved a lot of leg work for us.
I look forward to coming back and seeing what you are up to.
Love your pics. B

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