Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horse Judging

V and E competed in the B&B Horse Judging Contest this past weekend.  They had a 3rd girl from another county lined up to be on their team but 5 minuets before the contest started her FFA coach (whom she had already checked with and said it was ok) said she couldn't be on the 4-H team.  I went to the office and asked if there were any individuals judging that could be added to our team and there were 2 girls from Maryland.  So now we had a full team of 4. 
 There were over 200 4-H and FFA kids there.
 Team mates were not suppose to be standing next to each other
 but you can see there was no love loss there.
 The classes were pretty good this year, Saddlebreds, huters, quarter horses, reining,  pleasure and equitation.
V was the only one to get an individual ribbon, 5th  in reasons.  The "team" placed 5th in halter, 5th in performance, and 5th overall.  The Maryland coach was a little surprised but pleased her girls got to go home with some ribbons.   I hope to have an actual county team for the next contest.  We'll see.


C said...

Congratulations V on your individual score. And also to the team. Very good results for working on a team you just put together.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats on the team. I'm glad you were able to pickup the extra gals to make a full team!

Crystal said...

sounds like they did alright for just last minute team.

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