Saturday, April 14, 2012

They're Back

I was heading down to the barn this afternoon to catch a horse to ride when I ran into all of these flying insects. 
 I didn't notice them at the hive at first and just thought "boy, that's a lot of flies!"
 Then on closer inspection I saw they were bees swarming back into the hive.
 Last year we had 2 swarms leave the hive.  The second one must have taken the queen because about a month later the bees were completely gone.
 So it was a big surprise to see them swarming back in.  I don't think Jessica cared much for the loud buzzing sound.
The man that had given us the hive to start with asked J to bring it back since it was empty.  I guess it pays to procrastinate sometimes.  What an amazing thing to walk into the middle of.


Alica said...

That's a lot of bees!!

Ian said...

I'm not a bee guy so tell me, if you put a hive out, they will come? or are they somebody's wayward flock (or swarm)? What is the penalty for bee rustling? :-}

Crystal said...

mmm more honey!

Nell said...

I'm envious of your bees! Wish I had some. Oh, the honey you'll have!!!

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