Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Peony

The first peony was blooming today!
 So of course I had to take a picture of it.  It smells heavenly.
 That led to more picture taking.
 Then some picture enhancement.
 I love how the veins show up.
 This is the first time that this variegated weigela has bloomed.
 Can you tell I like pink.
It's been a beautiful spring.  It seems like the last several years we have gone from winter to summer with no spring.  I told V and E to enjoy this year because it's been the best spring weather within their memories.  Hope you are enjoying spring where you are.
My next post will be number 800!


sally said...

What stunning spring colour.Glad you are out there enjoying it all

C said...

800!?!?! Wow keep up the good work. Lovely flowers.

Everything seems to be early this spring where I am. I have been enjoying my peonies for a week. It seems like they should come at the end of May not the beginning.

Days Go By said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!! Such pretty color...nice job. Blessings...reba

Days Go By said...

Beautiful all the color. Have a blessed day...reba

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