Sunday, May 20, 2012


She made it!  Or should I say, "We made it!"  There was never any doubt she would.
 V has her high school diploma and was 4th in her class.
 There were 87 graduates in this year's class.  I think they started the year with 100.   The weather was nice enough to have the ceremony outside on the football field so there was no restrictions on how many could attend.
 V was recognized for her scholarship from the Bristol Jr. Steer Show, and she received the Anchor and Hope Scholarship for $4000 which is also renewable for 3 more years.  YAY!!!
 The graduates did all throw their hats but all very tame.  Our family was yelling so loud when V got her diploma I missed the picture.
 But we got a nice family shot under J's sign at the stadium for having his football number retired.  #50 All State Line Backer.  He could have gone pro if he was a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier.
V got lots of cards and money.  But the biggest smile came with Uncle M's gift.  I think she will enjoy her iPad.  We had a great time with all of the family that was able to come.
Job well done, we're proud of you V.


C said...

Job very well done V!! Congratulations!

Crystal said...

Congrats to her! Sounds like she will be headed to college with all that scholarship money!

Alica said...


50+ Horses said...

Congratulations V and enjoy the summer!

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