Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Steer Show Day 1

The Steer Show started Tuesday with grading and weighing.  
 State graders checked out the steers handling for fat cover,
 then conferring and deciding on a grade.  The small steer we raised weighed 1045 and graded Select +.  The larger steer we bought weighted 1240 and graded Choice -.
 Then it was off to the show grounds to get settled in.
 The steers got fed and watered and bedded down, the blocking chute set up and V settled in for a rest.
 The rest didn't last long.  It's very important to keep the steers full and hydrated.  You don't want them to look sucked up and hollow for the show the next day.  We even took some of our own water in case they didn't like the water at the fair grounds.  They also got another bath and blow dry.
 J and his friend Tim had a good time discussing every detail of the cattle they brought.
And I couldn't pass up a picture of this grandfather and grandson.  They were both real workers.
Show day coming next.

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Crystal said...

Looking good, but Im sure she was tired afterwards.

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