Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More or Hopefully Less Thistles

We've been busy spot spraying thistles again this spring.  
 V sprayed some a couple of weeks ago and those are starting to die.
 This field that I worked on last year is not near as bad as before.
 We've been using a 15 gallon sprayer on the back of the 4-wheeler.  I sprayed out 5 tanks yesterday.
 I like the spot spraying because the spray kills clover too and you can see how much clover we have right now.
 But some areas just seem hopeless.   I've been just driving through the middle then standing up on the seat of the 4-wheeler and spraying as far as I can reach.
This section has never been sprayed before.  Maybe I'll get it beat back after a couple of years.

1 comment:

Alica said...

We battle thistles too...mostly along the fencelines is where we spot spray, with a sprayer that looks just like yours. Jim attaches it to the battery on his truck.

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