Thursday, July 26, 2012

On V and E

V had orientation at Virginia Tech this week.  There was an overnight stay in one of the dorms.  V said it was pretty basic.    She is very excited about starting college and leaving home.  
 They messed up her schedule and gave her 2 classes at the same time.  Now most of the classes she can replace one with are all full.  I don't know what she has decided to take.  She has enough credits from Governor's School to be a Sophomore and she won't have to take any more math, english or science.
 While V as at orenitation, E was at the mall getting her hair cut and ears pierced.
She looked like she was in a little pain after the first ear.  I asked if it hurt and she said, "everyone that says it doesn't hurt at all or it just feels like a pin prick is WRONG.   It felt lite someone was stabbing a metal post through my ear."  What girls do to be pretty.

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Stolpås Gård said...

I was pretty young when I pierced my ears. But I remember that it did really hurt!

/Sandra Engberg

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